Friday, December 12, 2008

Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Vail

Last sunday was Michelle's bday and there was a Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert so that seemed like a good way to spend it. It was at the Xcel and it was really good. We thought it was maybe a little to 'show-ee' which made it long as opposed to just rocking out. Man they can rock though. I highly recommend people to check it out next year when they come back.

I leave on saturday for Vail with Dave P. The rest of the n00bs get there sunday and it's quite the group. 12 of us in total will be out there. Brad and Pete have a condo for the winter and the rest of the group rented a 10 person condo but it only has 5 beds (2 king and 3 queen) so instead of sharing a bed with dave or somebody else he and I are going to stay with brad and pete and I think I'm gonna buy a cheap mattress cause I'll be out there more I'm sure. They say it's supposed to snow a foot or 2 between sat and sunday evening so I'm getting super pumped...I'm a little nervous though as we fly in a 20 person jet to eagle airport from denver and that might not be happening and if it does a lot of the time people get sick I guess. Great. Owell it's a 3 hour shuttle ride or something if we can't fly. I just hope to get there sometime saturday night.

I'll try to give an update from out there. Wish me luck on the flight and snow!