Sunday, June 29, 2008

twins/padres part 2

The boys scored us front row seats behind the twins dugout for the day game on Thursday and it was a sick pickup. Not only do you have a great view, you get infinity baseballs (probably 8, but we gave 5 of them to kids) and you get to heckle the other team and cheer on your boys as they come back to the dugout. We were the Pepsi fans of the game on FSN and on there at least another time.

We went to a bar/patio after the game to get apps/beers b4 jackie (dave's 17 y/o bro) drove me to the airport. I was still buzzin when I got on the plane and and the cute girl next to me asked if she could switch seats with me so she could be across from her girfriends. sure. We small talked for a little bit and she said she was from mn but didn't go to the game...seaworld instead which seemed weird, but who was I to argue. Some people really don't like baseball and I'd been drinking so I didn't really think much about it. I started reading a magazine and she was talking to her friends and about 5 minutes later she turns to me and says "actually I lied to you, I was at the game, I'm boof bonser's fiance." HA! I got pwned. The other 2 girls were Justin Morneau's fiance and Brian Buscher's wife! They were really pleasant and holy cow does morneau's fiance have quite the engagement ring.

Some pictures:









Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I definitely am going to be spending quite a bit more of my time out here in the future...probably even start chipping in on rent a little. The boys' new place is sick and a major upgrade from the previous 2. It's huge and spread out and the front deck is awesome for beer pong.

We went to the twins/padres game last night and sat up with the people in the 2nd to the top row in the upper deck behind home plate. At one point this dude started a chant that at least a 3rd of the section was chanting "sit down faggots" when we were cheering. It was a little bit awkward as I'm almost positive 2 dudes in our row were gay, but meh, what are we going to do. I'm sure there were others, but those 2 were the obvious ones. He also got the mascot to come up and steal billy's hat and wiped it on his crotch would be and farted on all of us. Definitely well played.

It was actually kind of a meh game baseball wise because there was no scoring from the bottom of the 1 until the 8th. The beauty of outdoor baseball though is it didn't matter. It was like 70 and calm. Fantastic. After we went back to pacific beach and out to a bar to meet up with billy's gf. I love having a jersey on of the opposing team after a victory.

Today...after the standard beach trip we're having a bbq and then round 2 of the twins. Hopefully another victory so we can bring out the brooms tomorrow when we sit front row behind the twins dugout.

I really think anything Jay touches is lucky. Last time I was out here when I played on his computer I crushed and it's been nothing different this trip. I've probably been playing 90% 50/100 and 10% 100/200. No no-limit and no plo. I'll get back to plo when I start running bad at lhe.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vegas round 2

I flew back to vegas on saturday because I had dreams of winning the 10k limit holdem world championship...

My first table was actually pretty soft...I'd compare it to a 100/200 live game. Definitely a sweet table pickup. I ran really bad and after like 6 hours our table broke and I moved with something like 12k chips when we started with 20k. I get to the next table which was the sickest table I've ever been at:

1 Andrew Prock (writer of pokerstove)
2 Tuan Lee
3 Howard Lederer
4 me (bicyclekick)
5 David Oppenheim
6 Chris (death donkey)
7 Marco Johnson (crazy marco)
8 daniel Negrauneu
9 daniel Alahi

I didn't ever flop anything and the two times I actually had hands I got beat. Luckily I busted out 20 minutes before the end of the day so I didn't have to come back the next day with just a few chips. At least I lasted longer than schneider and hoppmann. Haha.

The last night crazy mike decided he wanted to play a $4/8 mixed game at the venetian. The mix would be homo (holdem, omaha high, mikes crazy pineapple 8 or better, and omaha 8 or better. It was actually quite the line-up.

2 dr_olson
3 jessie (mn guy)
5 Crazy mike
6 me
7 hoppmann
8 schneids
9 dave p

Most people bought in for 5 racks while crazy mike knew better and bought in for 10...I think everyone but 2 people had to rebuy. Crazy mike played literally 100% of the hands, and before action would get to him he'd put out 20 and if anyone else wanted to could announce 20 and it was auto-20. Every once in awhile people would limp or only want to play for like 3 bets and he'd flip out. It was quite fun and ridiculous...most pots were 3 racks or more. Schneids, hoppmann and kpr decided to go a little over the top on messages. Schneider spent 550, hoppmann like 350 and kpr like 350. Goofballs...go to a spa. It was so much better than doing something similar at canterbury...because everything goes. If you get a card dealt face up...tough deal with it. If you arrive to a hand late you can have 4 cards off the top of the deck, etc. Just no bs rules.

I feel like it's been forever since I've been to a twins game...I guess it's probably been 2-3 weeks but now that I'm home and the twins are home I'll probably go to a couple. I'm really pumped for next week...going to san diego on monday to visit the boys and see the twins/padres!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

San diego / Vegas trip report

I really probably should have updated this mid trip, because now that I'm trying to think about what to write about...there's more than I want to write/you want to read, so I'll try to keep it short.

San Diego highlights: padres game, riding bikes on the beach, our house combined winning 100k in a day (i was the smallest slice of those who played...GO FRIENDS!), watching the season finale of lost with like 10 people.

In vegas I played the $1500 NL tourney and played my best tourney poker in awhile and almost cashed but didn't quite. I also played the $5k mixed holdem event and felt like I played well again, but was ridiculously card dead late and couldn't get anything going.

I played about 4 hours total of cash games. 9 handed live holdem to me is just pure boredom these days. I did get to play some live plo and just because it's so different I enjoyed it.

I played a $10k freezeout with crazymike and won. He beat me the last time we played live, so it was nice to get some redemption.

Everything above is overshadowed by the fact that a buddy of mine Ducci won the $1k rebuy tourney for 650k and a WSOP bracelet. He had a super tough final table and worked it over really well. We had quite the cheering section and it was super fun to just be a part of watching him win. The celebration the next day was quite the blast too, dinner at michael mina's at the bellagio then table service at tryst. Congrats ducci, you earned it buddy!

As we were leaving the poker room the night ducci won the tourney, another friend of mine tony rivera (more commonly known as togni)was getting deep in the $10k mixed event and ended up scooping it for 483k. Since this tourney involved 8 different games it was thought of as one of the toughest tourney's of the wsop. Nice work togni!

When I got home last night another friend of mine told me his friend Rep (and my acquaintance/friend...we've played a lot in the past 3 years but haven't hung out outside of poker minus maybe a dinner) won the $1500 6 handed NL tourney for $383k. The 6 handed part makes it a much more skilled victory in my opinion because it really forces you to get involved in pots instead of waiting for good hands. Congrats rep!

On the plane ride back I got really into the book 4 hour work week. I bet I'll finish it up in the next few days. I'll save my full recommendation until I'm finished, but so far I think pretty much everyone should at least check it out.