Wednesday, April 23, 2008

sick, cod 4, H&R

I woke up sunday feeling like I had the plague. I was supposed to goto dinner for my sisters bday but didn't feel up for it. I had bought call of duty 4 for xbox the day before and the wild lost sat night and other than my sisters bday I didn't have plans for a few days so all things considered it was a pretty good time to get sick. I pretty much laid around, played cod4, watched tv and played a few like 20 minute poker sessions where I got back most of what I gave away the other day. I just really didn't have the energy for it.

Kels was in town for work and her dad had to trade cars with her so we went to dinner tonight, which was nice to finally get out of the house. When i was driving home I was feeling a good chunk better and wanted to do stuff so when I got home I went on the eliptical for a half hour. I'm still plugged and what not but I don't feel like death at least. I can handle plugged.

I think i'm gonna goto the golf range tomorrow. Bout time for that season to start.

Friday, April 18, 2008


While nothing really out of the ordinary, this session tilted me more than I've been tilted in quite a bit. River after river after never having anything. Almost the whole time I had position on a 45/10 guy too. :(


which led to this:


I've always wanted to goto a micro game and just be dumb and ram and jam. Usually I'm too nitty, but today I didn't care. Buy-in for a dollar, go all-in, the software auto-rebuys for a dollar if you lose, rinse repeat. It really is interesting what it does to the table. I really wanted to get a 20 dollar stack but the highest i could get was 18.

Off to the twins game now.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Denver report

Denver was a blast. What a game the first game was winning 3-2 in OT. Away hockey games/sports are really fun. I will say I was shocked at how well we were treated by the opposing fans though. We would walk down the street in our Wild jerseys and most people would say "gonna be a great game, good luck" or something of the like. From having watched the vikins/bears in chicago I was anticipating a lot more hostility. During the 2nd game we were down 4-0 and a woman in front of us turns and said "we know how it sucks...that's how we felt yesterday." There was very very little "HAHAHAHAH in your face you big douche bag wild fans" or anything really. They put up with our antics the previous night after the win as well...mostly just wild chanting and what not.

Oh there was one funny/hostile happening. The day before the 2nd game when we were walking down the street/mall area to catch the bus thingy when some 25ish year old hippy looking girl just started yelling "fuck you" at us incessantly and loudly. That's all she would say. Maybe it was "fuck you wild fans or something" but anyhow, we keep walking and get on the bus and her and her friend had kinda followed us so she's still yelling at us when we get on the bus and this young dude who is sitting on the bus is like "I know those two girls they're awesome." Billy said something to the guy about how much he thought they sucked and in true denver form the guy responded "Yeah I like her but could see why you guys think she sucks." Billy said a few more things but the guy just sat there like meh I'm just happy to be here who cares what you say.

The 2nd game was definitely the worst hockey game i've ever been to. There was essentially nothing to cheer for other than the occasional power play kill or potential fight brewing. By the time we scored and made it 5-1 it was over and we couldn't even stand up to cheer. We gave it til perhaps 6 minutes left in the 3rd just to make sure not to miss anything epic, but dipped out a little early to avoid leaving with the masses.

I haven't seen it yet, but I've been told by a number of people that we were on TV. I'm curious to see it so I'll have to buy the NHL tv thing again when it gets archived. I bought it today but the game isn't there yet. Rats.

With the twins starting, the ski trip, taxes, exciting end to the wild season, and now the post-season, I've really been working less than ever and it's exactly what I need. Anyone who knows me knows I work a little too much and don't really take enough time off/away from poker. That isn't to say I haven't been playing, I have...but maybe closer to 10-15 hours/week the last few weeks as opposed to 40+. It's been going well, too. I got an elliptical and have been using it too. I really think with that and the nicer weather, it'll be inexcusable to not be in good shape.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Off to colorado for the wild/avalanche

While at the wild/avalanche game on friday schneids, pickett, and I decided if we won we were going to Colorado to watch the away games and when we won we got a txt from billy and dave in california so we mentioned it to them and they wanted in, too. I told them to buy 6 tickets and we were committing. One of those things that if you don't commit on the spot, it's a lot harder to pull everything and everyone together. They bought tix for all of us for both games it was set.

So we leave tomorrow (monday)afternoon and come back wednesday evening. Just a super quick jaunt out there but it's gonna be great. Thursday is another home game and since Kels couldn't make it down because of the blizzard on friday (3rd one up there in 15 years go figure) will be coming down to watch it. Man playoff hockey is fun. I was talking to a buddy earlier and we were discussing how ridiculous it was that we didn't really pay much attention to hockey until the last few years and how awesome of a sport it is.

I should go try to grab some sleep...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Helicopter skiing in utah

This winter has been really dissapointing for me which I've complained about in this blog a few times, but today...pretty much the whole season was made up for.

Skip the next 3 paragraphs if you just want the gist and see some pictures of our helicopter skiing adventure.

Dave P and I have been wanting to take a late season trip out, so I've been following the weather for the last 3 weeks or so, and nothing has cought our eye. It looked like there was going to be a storm sunday so we were going to follow it closely. I got back from canterbury saturday night at about 1am and looked at the weather and they weren't overly excited about the storm (the national weather service) so I talked to dave and dissapointingly told him it wasn't looking good, but we'd re-eval in the morning. I woke up and nothing had happened. I felt oddly tilted at limit holdem (it's been going well lately), so I decided to play some tourneys. I played them on my laptop which didn't have my weather bookmars, so with all the comotion of playing tournaments with a couple friends over I forgot to check the weather until 630pm. I looked, it had dumped and was dumping. I called dave and he was at his parents and hour out of the cities and the flight was going to be at 930. Hmmmmm. If we absolutely would have crunch timed it, we could have made it. Even though I'd thought of going, I wasn't remotely ready. I hadn't even showered for the day. We decided that getting in at 4am and trying to get up to ski at 7 would just be too much and we'd get to sleep earliesh and wake up and re-evaluate.

I woke up at about 11 and our dream was coming true. It had snowed like 14 inches so I called dave and said hey buddy, we're going. 745 flight. Quick layover in denver and We'll get in about midnight and it'll be sweet. He was in. I looked a little more in depth into the weather and it had now snowed about 18" but had stopped and was going to be nice and calm until tuesday night. My brain started churning. At the beginning of this season I told myself I was going to go helicopter skiing and it's april and I hadn't so I thought I'd call the outfit out here on the offchance they have an opening. It is april after all. 6 seats left. OMGOMGOMG I called dave and he told me he'd think about it and call me back in a few minutes. He called back and we decided we only live once. Lets do it. I called the powder-bird back and we were booked!

We fell asleep at about 130 or 2 and had our alarms set for 7. It was suprisingly easy to get up even though we were tired...the excitement had pretty much taken over.

We got picked up at 7:50 and had breakfast along with the orientation. They give you an avalanche beacon (used to find you if you're buried). There were 22 other people there, broken up into 4 people per guide, 8 people per group. They fit 4 people + the guide in the helicopter per ride then they go get the other 5 people and then you ski together.

You get dropped off on a tiny ridge, sometimes a rocky tiny ridge, that if you were foolish or not careful you could definitely fall a longggg way and hurt yourself/kill yourself. You pop your skis on and the guide ski cuts the run to make any snow that's going to avalanche, slide and then sets a left most or right most line and you take turns going every minute or so to make it so only one skier is exposed at a time so if something does happen, it's only to 1 person.

The snow on most of the runs was incredible. Somewhere around 20 inches and untouched by anyone. Perfect turns and face shots galore. Almost all of the runs were "the best run i've ever taken" and man was it money well spent (about $1000). All those nights i've stayed up far later than I wanted playing in a game with a guy who's giving it away or just the day to day grind...I finally treated myself to something purely selfish and a little over the top. It is my birthday tomorrow, it's a little birthday present to myself.

Helicopter orientation
helicopter orientation

Helicopter landing
helicopter landing


Dave and others

runs from afar

first run from the top
First run

looking up
looking up

the tracks from some of our group
a run

another angle
another angle

dave ppppp
dave pppp

An oldschool silver mine from the olden days when there was a lot of silver mining in alta.
iron mine

A look back at snowbird. Our hotel in the middle
snowbird + cliff lodge

From the ridge, alta in the distance.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

twins tickets for this weekend

I might be out of town this weekend and schneids is busy so if anyone wants to buy our season tix for face value ($50) email us at . We have 4 seats behind home plate section 127 row 21 (which they start at like row 7 so they're even better than they sound). Also, if you just want to be on the email list for when we have them in the future so you get an earlier notice drop a line there and I'll add you.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

hockey and baseballs

We decided it would be fun to get a suite for a wild game semi-for my we got 12 people together for the wild/avalanche game on sunday. What a blast it was! I was going to wait to post until I got the pictures from it but now seemed like a good time to blog so it'll have to do without.

Tonight was the home opener for the twins and our season tickets were a good chunk better than i anticipated. They are 'row 21' but the rows start at like 7 or something and there are 32 rows, so half way up is definitely awesome. We are right on the line for the net so if you're not paying attention could definitely catch a ball off the ol face. Paying attention ftw.

I watch most twins games and really get into it, but so far with the snow and what not I'm just not quite in baseball mode. I bet by the end of the week I will be though. Our team is just so much's almost as if I'm cheering on a whole new team. It was cool to see hunter there tonight and while there were a few boos there was some definite respect sent his way with a pretty classy standing O and what not. I did enjoy seeing joe nathon pwn him!

As far as poker...march has been quite the goofy month. I lost a bunch at the beginning but made a sweet bounce back. I'm very content with how things ended up and am looking forward to a great april.