Sunday, September 30, 2007

plo, lhe

Well, I read a little bit of super system on PLO and thought a little bit more about it and I think I was playing a few too many hands given how non-expert I am at the game. Today I knocked off about 10% of them and gave it another crack. I started out up a buyin or two but ended up down 2. Doh. I felt like I was running horrible on all-ins so I plugged all my hands into pokerEV and it confirmed it. Made me feel a little bit better I guess.

On the complete opposite, I killed at lhe today. I also killed it yesterday. Maybe that's a hint I should be playing it instead of PLO.

I was talking to another one of my friends who plays NL today and heard he had quite the incredible month. Man I love it when my friends are winning a ton! It sounds cheesy but I'm not faking/exaggerating I honestly get pumped up when I hear stuff like that.

Friday, September 28, 2007


The limit holdem games were crappy yesterday and I was kind of bored so I thought I'd check out some PLO. I'd always wanted to learn it so it seemed as good of time as an I started talking with Schneids about it a little and played a couple $.5/1 tables. I only played for an hour or two but was intrigued...

When I woke up today, apparently Schneider tried playing some too and had a list of hands he played last night. He played $3/6 and a little $5/10 and told me to get my ass off the lower tables and at least play $2/4 lol.

I looked at the lhe games and was not impressed so back to PLO I went today. Well, I've been loving it. I spent 8.5 hours today playing and learning. I started off at .5/1 again but schneider convinced me to play 2/4, where I spent most of my time. Oman is this good for me. I have to think (as opposed to using that almost-auto-pilot part of the brain that LHE involves) and see things completely differently. It's not like LHE where you put in some money, turn the cards over and ship a pot. Hand values are so much different and convincing my brain that my queen high flush is not really particularily strong is an excersize. Or that my set on the flop is not worth continuing with. I also kind of like being able to just ram huge draws and hope you can get folds but even when you don't you still have like 53% equity. I love it (except for the fact i run terrible in AI [all in] situations)

A lot of my poker friends know that math is definitely a weaker part of my game and they pick on me for it a little. I've just always been a feel player and pretty much ignored the math. That is all kind of funny considering I have a computer science degree (a lot of math) and am 1 class away from a stats minor, 2 away from a math minor, and 3 away from a major) lol. Still, ask me dumb math and I will probably guess way off. PLO is teaching me more of the math in poker. It's a lot more necessary because of how the allins work with draws and made hands and money gets in the pot a lot and percentages are important.

As I said before, i ran really bad on my all-ins... Most of them are of the 53/44 (with 3% left for ties) variety and really big advantage ones are rare, but twice i got in with 85% equity today in big pots and lost both. I was down 1000 for most of the day, but I just got out of the hole. :)

I'm sure I'm going to be playing tons of this coming up, this is a fun/interesting change of pace.

Notice my stats, completely different than lhe. I play like 40/10 which is super fishy for LHE but for omaha it's best to see more cheap flops.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

lhe stupid day

Somehow frustrating...but still a 'great' $200 per hour. What a freaking grind.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

fine I'll update my blog

I've been unmotivated to write in the last week, partially cause I haven't had anything interesting that was poker related happen. I spent 9 days in san diego and came back late last saturday night. Those guys really have a sweet setup out there (both for living and for working). I love visiting and they're great hosts!

Kels and I had taken a little break but are now back together. She came down for a job fair (she graduates this december!) last monday for a few days. I came up to duluth on saturday so we could go hit up gooseberry falls and see the fall colors. They're not quite in as much of a full swing as we thought they'd be, but we went on a hike down to superior and skipped some rocks, too. Reminds me of my childhood with my cousin, we'd do it for hours trying to get some mega-skips.

Even though I wasn't a huge fan in san diego, for some reason jay was able to convince me to get a trackball for when i travel and don't have a desk. I picked one up and have been using it up here and I agree, it sure is easier when you're propped up on a bed just moving your thumb than trying to have a normal mouse work well.

poker...I've been playing mostly 30/60 and 50/100. There really haven't been any appealing 100/200 games lately and a few of the people that will play me heads up, I no longer am interested in playing them as I reviewed a couple of my sessions and I'm not convinced enough that I have an edge or a big enough edge to warrant the huge swings.

I feel like I ahve a few more blurbs but I got distracted so I'll post them later if I think of them.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

More SD

Man have we been workaholics out here. Every day we put in quite a few's just so nice/ez when everyone is playing and very encouraging when others are winning. Things are going well with poker.

We also watched the first season of heroes and quite a bit of season 3 of the office, both of which are dirty.

They are building 2 condos next door and they start every morning at 8am. Their apartment is open air right now cause one of the glass doors broke (but not on the outside, hard to explain)...and they are at the early stages and it's been a lot of heavy machinery and pounding and stuff, so much that it shakes our aparment...the lots here are right on top of eachother...some of the stuff is a mere 10 feet sleeping is near impossible past 8 or so which is starting to wear on me I think a little. We haven't been staying up that late usually...perhaps 2 but still it gets pretty old after day 6.

We (me, jay, dave, billy [the guys i'm staying with minus paul]) are going to Chicago the weekend of the 13th of october to see northwestern/u of mn and vikings bears. That should be quite the time...billy went to northwestern which will make it more fun.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


I experienced my first earthquake last night (well, early this morning). The couch was uncomfortable so I was sleeping on the floor when all of a sudden it started shaking at 6am. I was sleeping, so it was confusing and I thought maybe I dreamed it, but dave said he felt it too and I looked online and it said there was a 3.8 one here so yeah, it was pretty interesting.

update from san diego

LA killed me. I lost my ass but it was still fun to hang out with everyone and play some cards.

San diego is just the cure for all of that. Running on the beach is nice and just relaxing is great. I've still managed to play a ton of online poker cause it's just what we do and being surrounded by it is very positive. This house has won quite the grip in the last few days and I'm very happy to be a solid part of it. I'm really loving heads up these days and it's been going well.

We just got back from the bars and it's sleepy time soon...


Tuesday, September 4, 2007


I decided to join those goofballs in going to california. The flight is at 10:15pm tonight so that gave me ample time to take care of a bazillion things. It's been quite the hectic day.

I started off with poker which couldn't have really gone better and that was really nice. I booked the flight and looked at hotels but the websites were being dumb so that was a little frustrating and I planned to just wing it when I got there.

I ended up calling a few minutes ago and asking for a room to which they told me they had none. I asked if playing big and coming to talk to them later they might have a room. She forwarded me to a host and walla! A room was available! It's funny cause it's not like I'm even gambling big against the house...they just know how to take care of their players.

I ran to the bank to wire some money and that always takes a bit, but I'll play better not feeling short for money and also more comfortable not carrying around a bunch of it's worth it.

Packing is always annoying and I had to crank out a load of laundry.

Loaded up my laptop with my poker hands from recently so I'll have history with people and grabbed some of the office off of itunes.

Sprint wasn't letting me pay the bill for my wireless card online because I didn't have an account set up...but to set up an account they need to send a text message to your sprint number. Brilliant, retards. Last I checked wireless cards CAN'T RECIEVE TEXT MESSAGES. I called them and took care of it, but I hate paying bills on the phone as it always somehow takes 15 minutes.

I tried to fit in a stop at my parents house for dinner and get my mail but I just ran out of time.

Right now the plan is goto LA until thursday evening and catch a ride to san diego with surfdoc to visit jay/dave/billy for a bit.

no title

I've been at the top of my game the last week or so, but it hasn't exactly translated into sweet results (although i'm sure it has resulted in losing less the days i've lost and winning more the days i've won) but it's been nice. It's been sort of a struggle but man do I feel sharp and good and reviewing my play I'm playing well.

This is all sort of vague but I will elaborate on today cause I feel like giving something and it was quite the roller coaster. I sat at a $50/100 table with $2000 and left with over 12k like 2 hours later. Great feeling. I also played some other tables but then and then decided to take a break and go for a run.

I came back and did some other stuff but then saw a couple off dingbats playing heads up 100/200 so I hopped in and dumped them 10k in 45 minutes. I don't really work on stoplosses, but that felt like a good place to just quit and wait for another spot. They can enjoy my money but I think in the long run they are more likely to stay when the feel like I did and dump off 15 or 20k where I just cut my losses and wait for a better day. I love good quits.

I was planning on waiting until like monday to goto san diego to visit jay/billy/dave but now schneider/pbob/kirby/cmo are going to los angeles tomorrow so I'm really tempted to hop on their 10pm flight and play live poker for a few days and goto san diego afterwords. Hmmm.

Go schneider $500/1000!!!!