Sunday, April 26, 2009

LA wrap up and on to SD

Day 4 was a real short day as like I said in my last post we were headed to bob and kirby's for a night off. I ended up picking up about $2000 in 5 hours. It was a bad $100/200 game and a great day to take a break.

On day 5 I spent the afternoon at the pool playing online and put my name on the $100/200 list at 4:45pm. I got in a $10/20 no limit game around 7 and played that for a little bit until finally getting my 1/2 seat at about 845. Frustrating. I was planning on going to SD the next day (saturday) but I ran into a couple friends who happened to be going back to SD themselves later that night so I caught a ride with them...which led to only getting to play 1/2 for about an hour. Thanks to sean and then chris for the rides! I won 800 at 10/20 nl and lost 2100 at 1/2.

Final totals for live poker:
41 hours

Running total for online poker
15 hours

It was definitely a weird and pleasant live poker trip as the swings were really low and I didn't ever have one of "those sessions" where you're just stuck your ass (losing a lot) and it's kinda miserable. I did blow that 12k win back to 2k one day but that's standard at $200/400.

I was able to fit a round of golf in yesterday afternoon which was unexpected and awesome. It was my first 18 of the year and we played a kinda tough course. I was hitting the ball well but definitely had some rust and shot a 95 which with the course difficulty seems not so bad.

We're headed to the Padres game now and then gonna work online the rest of the day I think.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

LA day 3: jump around

Usually when I play poker here I'll play longer sessions because the games are great and I'm here to work. This trip, the good white chip($100) games have been really spotty so they really break my sessions up. Like yesterday I was playing $100/200 for about 2 hours when a rich guy walked in and wanted to play $200/400. So a handful of us quit 1/2 and headed over to give him some action. Usually there are no time restraints, but apparently this guy is a real hit and runner so CC and Ly made an agreement with him that everyone who played had to play for 2 hours and couldn't quit unless they were losing. This seems a little forced and odd, but when you have to quit another game and likely wont get back into it any time soon because there are plenty of people waiting to play it along with this guy being notorious for very short sessions, it makes sense.

Just on cue after 2 hours he racked up his couple thousand dollar win and jetted. I played a few more rounds out of courtesy and in case he changed his mind, but without him the game was pretty bad and we had started drinking wine so it was time to go back to 1/2.

I did end up sitting outside by the pool in the afternoon to try to get a little color...but especially with being so white right now I didn't want to push it and end up bright red so I went in after 40 minutes figuring I'd pick up a little color but really I can't tell any difference. So today I was going to spend more time out there but it's cloudy! I didn't know they had such things in cali. :(

There's this mean woman here and a dealer was being unlucky for her and she started calling him "fucking VC" and he flipped out on her and called the floor over. She tried and sorta did play it off and he got over it, but it was still inappropriate and awkward. She also got into a big yelling/swearing thing with a Lebanese guy where she kept calling him asshat or something and he went off saying "don't call me asshat fucking beach. fucking beach. fucking beach dont call me asshat! Don't disrespect me like that!" Back in MN you'd get kicked out for a day for antics like that but here the floor man will just come over and say cmon guys lets just not talk to eachother and play cards. Even the 2nd time it happens. They aren't in the business of throwing people out.

In my 4 2-2.5 hour sessions (8.75h total) I ended up +5100 for the day yesterday.
Running total 32.25 hours + $12,800

Nice to be up like that but it could definitely change drastically real quick so I'm not gonna think about it too much.

I haven't thought about this hand that much since I played it but now I'm going to. I definitely played it differently than I usually would and I haven't decided for sure if there's merit in it yet.

Greg posts a dead blind in the co and it's folded to him and he raises. Everyone folds to me and I call with 98s. I've played greg very strong for years and he used to be a fit or fold kind of guy but he plays lot tougher and better these days and and has been showing down a lot more vs me lately. I've also ran good vs him and that helps.

The flop comes Q86 with 2spades. I have the 9s. I check call.

The turn is a 5d making 2 diamonds. I check raise and he calls.

The river is a 7h and I bet and he folds. Obviously the hand is less interesting when I make a straight, but that's part of the reason I like my turn check-raise. I think I have pretty good made-hand strength already and just in case I have straight outs and more than likely 2 pair outs. I almost never check-call check-raise as I think that's often a terrible line that only fish take, but this board texture and this history made it seem like a line to mix in.

Schneider and I always play hands ridiculously strong vs each other and never make folds so yesterday I decided it was time to lay a hand down. He raised utg 5 or 6 handed and I 3 bet it. The rich guy called 2 in the sb and mike called.

The flop came K75 with 2 clubs.

They both checked, I bet, sb folded, schneids called.

The turn was a 2d putting 2 diamonds out there.

He check raised me and I 3 bet. He called.

The river was an ace of clubs.

He bet out.

I painstakingly threw my cards away. I haven't talked to him about the hand yet but I really hope I didn't get pwned... :)

Time to head down to get a few hours in. A few of us are heading over to bob and kirby's place for a little grillin/beers and modified monopoly.

LA day 3: too tired

I did win some more today but I'm far too tired to write up about it so I'm just going to wait until tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

LA poker day 2...$39 at a time

This will be a short one cause there really weren't any interesting hands or things to talk about. I woke up around 1 and got my name on the list around 230 (what happens when there are no seats avail in the game) and got called for the game at 430. I played a little online in the meantime and it was bad to me as it's been the last few very short sessions.

I started in a must move $100/200 game with mike schneider and CC. It started getting more filled after an hour or two and Frank Mariani (LA Lakers owner) joined our game so we made it $200/400. I played that for a few hours and was up 12k at point but lost like 4 straight hands to Max down to 2k winner so I took a break and went up to my room to screw around on the internet. Any time a player like max wins a bunch of pots straight like that he really gains a nice psychological edge on you and the game. I get this way too people too but Max is a step better for with him having position on me it seemed like a good time to break and after taking a good hour and a half break I came back down and just didn't feel like gamblin. So I racked up, ordered a beer and found a $40/80 game.

What a bunch of nits they were. I raised like 50% of my hands and won the blinds most of the time. It would be $40 but at the 40/80 game the house takes a dollar no matter what every hand so it was $39 hand after hand. It was really relaxing and I rushed up for a bit but lost a bit back and quit around 12:30am up like $1400.

today: 7.5 hours + $4100
running total: 23.5 hours + $7800

Probably gonna play online for a little while here then finish watching the celebrity apprentice. Tomorrow afternoon I feel like sitting at the pool with my laptop or a book may be in order. Thursday I'm going over to pokerbob and kirby's house for a little grillin and a monopoly variant. While the games have been good enough, they just aren't slave away for countless hours at games so I'm gonna work a little less hard this trip it looks like. It's probably good for me anyhow. I'm just really looking forward to golfing in san diego.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

LA day 1 wrapup

Day 1 ended much stronger than it began with that jackhammer start. I got down to the poker room and couldn't find a limit game and they were starting a new $10/20 blind no limit game so I hopped in and per the recommendation of a couple of people I bought in on the shorter side at $1500. I played for about a half hour when I got called for the $100/200 limit game when I was on the big blind with 54 of diamonds. The flop came Q76 with 2 diamonds. I led and got raised, I re-raised and he went all in and I called and he had a set and I didn't improve. So I move to limit...

The game was kinda crappy for quite a while...pretty much all pros, some of them not particularly good but they are not real fishy or anything. A couple OK guys. After not tooooo long I got moved to the main game which was pretty darn good. There was a guy in it who had been up for 3 days straight. I got to witness something new...a player falling asleep mid hand. He called the flop and then when his opponent bet the turn 10 seconds later he was sleeping and had to be poked awake. Lol. Dude. Go to bed. At around 11pm I was starting to feel a little fatigued myself so I planned on quitting when he did as he had racked up but I kept winning pots and he kept on playin. I try to play longer when I'm winning and shorter when I'm losin and while I was feeling a little tired, I was still with the program. I quit around 2am because I made a lazy play and it just seemed like enough and a good time to quit.

I ended up losing that $1500 in the no limit game but picked up a little over $11,000 in the $100/200 game so I won around $9800 on the day in about 13 hours.

running total:
16 hours

A couple of the more 'interesting' hands:

Hand 1:
The fishy sleepy player grabs some chips to limp and then notices a few people behind him have folded so grabs another 4 and raises. I 3 bet with A8s and he calls. The flop is q54 rainbow and he check calls. The turn is the K of spades and he check calls. The river is the J of diamonds and he checks and I bet and I think this is one of those spots that if you don't play much live you will give off the wrong signals and get called here more often than somebody who is comfortable live. He almost surely as a pair by this point and while the board is helping you get a fold, betting in a believable manner is important. He ended up folding with a little 'darnit that board sucks' demeanor and I picked up the pot.

I had a good amount of history leading up to hand 2. The player in question is a long time pro. We haven't played TONS of hours together, but enough for me to know his basic operating procedure. He plays pretty straightforward and waits until the turn with his strongest hands. He's been 3 betting me a reasonable amount because he's 2 seats to my left and I've been missing the shit out of the flops so pretty much been folding until this hand where I had KQo and raised utg+1. He 3 bet 2 spots later and everyone else folded. I called. The flop came Q73 with 2 diamonds. I check raised and he 3 bet. I've seen him wait until the turn so many times with his big hands and he seems like the type who 3 bets that kind of flop with a weaker range than not so I 4 bet and he quickly 5 bet and I said oh ok see you at the showdown buddy in my head. The turn was a jack of spades and I checked and he checked. Heh. Nice 5 bet for a 'free' card. The river was an 8 of clubs and I bet and he called, i showed and he mucked.

That same player (from hand 2) kind of owned me in hand 3. I raised the button with AJs and a tight ok player called in the small blind. He 3 bet out of the bb and I capped it. The flop was AT3 with 2 diamonds. sb checked, he bet, I raised, sb folded, he 3bet, I called.

The turn and river were bricks and he bet it down and I called and he showed AQ. Against a lot of internet players that would be very standard, but this guy's range just felt a lot stronger but he definitely felt I was a little nuts so I just couldn't find a fold. Owell.

Time to watch some more season 2 of the wire...

Monday, April 20, 2009

LA day 1 great start

Nothing like waking up to a jackhammer in the morning. :( I was all pumped to sleep my little heart out as I haven't really been able to lately but the commerce is doing construction. I'll have to try to get to bed a little earlier tonight maybe and cross my fingers on tomorrow.

Time to shower and head down to 'work'. I'll update later.

LA day .5 trip report

Well i guess it coulda started worse, but not a whole lot in 3 hours. The $100/200 game was full when we got here so we hopped in the $60/120 game and it was a peach. I started out ok and got called for 1/2 but the 60 game seemed infinitely better so I decided to stay there. I don't think I won a pot after that decision and ended up losing $6100 in the 3 hours I played.

The only interesting hand was one I played was one where I raised 54s on the button and just the bb called. The flop came J92 with 2 spades and he check called.

The turn was a 6 of hearts and he check called.

The river paired the 9 and he bet real quick...too quick to have a 9 and it just felt like he was almost prepaired to bet the river so I snapped out a raise and he called without much pain with ace king and dragged the pot.

Whoops. 'Good' read, get owned. :)

The rest of the hands were just standard losing pots. Enough for one night but I'm not discouraged yet. I'm gonna sleep now and up and at em in the mornin.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cali here I come

What do I always do when I'm in the middle of packing and don't feel like finishing? Write a blog obviously. Schneider and I are off to LA tonight for some pokering and when we're done with that gonna pop down to SD to visit the boys. I've been kinda itchin to go somewhere and when spring allergies rolled into full effect last week I just had to figure out where. If I had somebody to take a golf trip with I woulda just done that but I have clubs in SD too so I'll just mash out a bunch of rounds when I'm there.

Speaking of golf I made it out for the first time a couple days ago...just a little par 30 9 hole course by my house. I shot 5 over and was striking the ball well so I was very pleased. Putting has always been the worst part of my game so I decided this year to try something new that I've seen others do...line up the line on the golf ball with the line I want to take so when I am standing over it ready to hit all I have to think about is how hard to hit it as I've already got the line picked out. I'm sure I ran a little good but I 1 putted like 4 or 5 times. I also had my shortest put for eagle - somewhere around 15 feet with a nice break but it wasn't to be but I picked up a nice birdy.

The twins have been really fun to be at. I was at the big comeback game as well as finally a relaxing victory the next night. I wasn't able to go this afternoon as there was a birthday party for michelles grandma but I wasn't disappointed as I've been to plenty and day games are dumb indoors.

I plan on just playing $100/200 while out there and maybe a little $200/400 if the game is good, but I don't think I have the mental bankroll to play anything bigger as I don't wanna leave there again with the same feeling I had last time. It's just not worth it. I'm not sure if people are interested, but maybe I'll give a daily trip report or something if I'm feeling it. I'll try to remember some hands, too.

I know I have a bunch more little topics I could write about but I wanna finish packing so I can actually feel more relaxed.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

shaking my head

All I can do this afternoon is shake my head. Yesterday afternoon I only got to play an hour because i had to meet up with my tax accountant. I could not blow a pot. I won every hand for that hour and it was too bad I had to go. Today is the exact opposite. I just have to watch every pot go the other way and all I can do is shake my head, over and over. I really bet that the reason limit holdem is a good game that will last the test of time is because sessions and runs like these are very common. People can be fooled about their skill level (good or bad) for a very long time and the rushes are so fun and people get hooked on trying to get on another one.

I did get to the driving range/practice green for the first time all year. Pathetic. Like out of this world pathetic. I just hope it was a fluke. I hit my first 6 or 7 balls terribly. I don't think it helps we were hitting off dirt but still, it wasn't good. I was putting better than average and my chipping could use a little practice.

I'm not going to bash my head against the wall with poker, that doesn't sound fun. It feels kinda silly to play racquetball when it's so nice out, but I could use that workout and setting up something like badminton sounds like too much work. haha. May as well let jon's grass get a little healthier too. Hopefully the twins will pulll off another win tonight...I'm slackin at 1-2 at games I've been at this year.

RB time...

Monday, April 13, 2009

taxes, game night

The thought of doing taxes makes me cringe so it's no surprise I let them go until the last minute. I got some of the prelim stuff done last week and had a meeting with my tax advisor but needed to get her more info (like how I made $.76 in interest on my like 4 shares of ecolab I had when I was a kid. I really should tidy up all my different accounts some day so I don't have to dig so much when tax day comes. I also get tons of statements and crap in the mail. Such a waste (of paper, the company who has to send them, mail system, and my time dealing with all of it.) I have all my main accounts on paperless statements but the ones i don't interact with much are still sending me paper.

I'm going to end up owing less than I remembered my financial planner planning out for me to owe so I'm pretty pleased about that.

We had some people over for an old fashioned board game night last night. Man I love game nights. We played apples to apples, taboo, and a little bit of bananagrams. It's no surprise I play so much poker and enjoy it more than most...I just love playing games!

I played the $109 SCOOP main event on stars today which had 18 thousand people. I lasted quite awhile before getting screwed out 1745th which paid $224! Ship it!!! Haha. They got my ass at the cash games a little today tho. Meh. I haven't decided if it's relax time or work some more. May as well check out the games and have them make my decision.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

friday night ganger

I just quit a sick 4 hour session where at one point I got up to 4 $50/100 6max and 2 $30/60 6max's because the games were so good. I had a guy at heads up too but quickly quit him as it was very hectic and very stressful as I usually feel the most comfortable playing 2-4 tables. After losing a lot of the days to start April I pulled out a nice $16k (and 260 bet) winner today to bring me into the black on the month. The 16k winning days just feel so much better these days without the big games. I used to be kinda numb to those cause I'd be losing that much a lot too, but I don't think I've lost more than 10 in a day since I gave up games bigger than 50/100 almost 2 months ago so it's nice. Poker is so dumb as I didn't play any better/different than any other days this month and I couldn't win and now it comes in a big wave. The games were a little better but they've been good otherwise, too.

The wild game tonight was a really fun time. You could tell they really wanted it and an 8-4 hockey game is always great. It was sad to find out afterwods Annaheim won and we were out, but it's been a fun season and we got to care all the way down the wire and just like I said for the twins, if I'm still going to games in september because they're in it, I see the season as fine. Obviously I want playoffs, but just having something to hope for for awhile is fun.

I was able to talk to our season ticket agent about getting the right behind home plate tickets for a game this past week so 6 of us went and sat 2nd (and then 1st from like the 7th inning on) behind home plate right over the visitors on deck circle. Heckling those guys is really fun. :) Afterwords we went up to running aces for a 10/20 HOE game which after not too long turned into holdem cause those other games are slow and too much thinking haha. I'm thinkin about a quick little Utah ski trip next week and if they have openings another heli-skiing adventure. If not, the other sticks are coming out and it'll be time to start golfin.

I don't feel like blahblahblahing anymore. I'm off to bed.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ape rill

I've been pretty busy lately and meaning to update this but it always gets put on the back burner. I've got my taxes mostly done (maybe another hour or two of work). Poker has been pretty dumb in april. Twins are starting and I'm excited! Wild are finishing... :( That's the short version of blog. Haha.

A buddy and I started a little project which will probably turn into a business project soon enough. I'm kinda pumped about it and it's computer/software related and it was fun and interesting to plan it. I felt like I was back in college and maybe I will get to directly use my computer science knowledge after all! ;p

As cold and as brutal as it was walking to/from the twins game last night (in short sleeves), I wish the game was played least then you can dress for the occaision.

Bizot and I have been playing a ton of raquetball lately and if I bust out of this tourney in the next half hour or so aare going to play again today. It's really fun and a great workout, so the best of all worlds.

Well, so much for the tourney I just lost AK to AQ all in pre-flop. Fantasticly played by the AQ. lol owell. At least I get to play RB now...which I'm off to do...