Sunday, January 25, 2009

post LA and off to vail

I almost never write blogs at home these days but after reading a few good ones from other people (tommy angelo and doyle brunson) I'm a little bit motivated. I also don't want to finish packing as that would make too much sense. My ski stuff is ready and most of my clothes but the finishing touches are always saved for the last minute. I don't have to leave for an hour and fifteen minutes. Plenty of time. I'll shower when I get done with this.

LA was a reletive disaster. It really couldn't have gone much worse (other than being irresponsible and tilting off even more money) but I lost more than any other trip I've taken and was not a great start to 2009. BUT. I always try to look at things with a positive light and maybe it was almost a good thing as it's gonna make me wanna just grind out the low limits and not be stressed out by poker for awhile so the next couple months should be pretty nice. It'll still be hard to avoid some of the good bigger games but aside from a little dabbling here and there I'm really going to try to stick to my best game (hu lhe) and just play bad players and grind a lot of hours and make a healthy number in feb.

Poker really is a fickle bitch. Since returning I've been just crushing and had my biggest winning day ever (bets wise not money wise) of 330 big bets. I've done 200-250 a number of times but 300 has always been elusive. Got there!

My sleeping lately has been completely ridiculous. I've been getting to bed at normal times (11pm-2am) but only sleep for like 4-5 hours before waking up wide awake, only to crash by noon and have to take an hour or 2 nap. I know I should probably skip the nap and just suck it up but it's been really hard.

Vail's getting 2 to 3 feet of snow by tuesday so I'm off with a few of the boys to go get some. We're staying with Brad L again and as always it's greatly appreciated (and pete too but he'll be in vegas while we're there.) I'm sure we'll be mashing lots of poker hands too. Ski trips are so perfect for working.

I was supposed to get a personal trainer when I got back from LA (one of those things I realised was something I should really do while I was losing and reflecting) but this past week was busy (bullshit excuse) and with my dumb sleep schedule (half legit) just didn't get done so I'm writing about it here to keep myself honest with it when I get back. If you see me ask me if I've done it if I havne't tell me how much I suck. Haha. I'm doing it. darn it.

I better go get ready.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

san diego, mn, and off to LA

(I wrote this on jan 11 but forgot to post it)
Michelle had some time off work so we thought a little warm weather was in order so we popped down to San Diego for New years. The Chargers had a home playoff game so we all went to that too. I'm really jealous of the setup they have as we dont have any sort of good tailgating setup here in mn. They have parking lot after parking lot of fans tailgating and it's super fun. It was a really fun trip and it was the first time we've travelled together and she was a really awesome travel partner. I was able to fire up a round of golf too and it took me about 6 holes to remember how to golf...but it all came back and I'm really pumped for when it gets nice again to get back out on a consistant basis.

We had a boys night last night which was long overdue with john in town and it was a really good time. We went to a sweet new steak house in st. paul called the strip club. It's really tiny and has a very 'small town' feel. It was the 2nd time we had gone there and one of the owners had remembered us from when we had gone 2 months previous. Pretty cool. We had a real long dinner and ended up the last table there and our cab took a bit to come so they poored everyone who was still there a shot on the house (us and about 12 employees) and really made us feel welcome. They also gave us free apps cause our table wasn't quite ready at reservation time. I highly recomend anyone looking for a great dinner experience to check it out.

At dinner dave and john convinced me to come to LA for a few days for some poker. I've been itchin for some live play and it's going to be like -1 as a high in MN so it seemed like a great idea...Jay is coming up from San Diego and Ian and travis from seatle are here too so it's looking to be a fantastic time.

I started looking more at houses again this afternoon and was shocked at how much the market has changed in the last 2 years and even 6 months. The value you can get is unreal so I'm gonna take my time and find something I really like and probably in the spring make a purchase. I'm starting to think I may have to wait until my 2nd house to get one on a lake but that's not a huge deal.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Dave and I got to denver and it was looking like our flight into eagle (small one runway airport) was going to be trouble as we talked to brad and he said it was storming hard in vail at that time. A lot of times planes can take off but have problems landing and there is often tons of nasty turbulance (brad said everyone but like 3 people threw up on two of his dave and I were a little apprehensive) but it ended up being reletively smooth.

Brad came to pick us up but didn't make it far before he called and said it was going to take at least an hour and a half to make it because it was whiteout so we took a shuttle. It was the drivers first year and man could you tell. He made it but it was hairy and he was all over the road. We had to get switched into a subburban in vail cause the vans are more prone to get stuck, and that driver drove it into a gaurdrail that if it wouldn't have stopped us we were cyalateralligator over a cliff. We hit it only going perhaps 5 mph but it was still not that cool.

It ended up snowing a foot to a foot and a half depending where you were so sunday was a sick day of skiing so we ripped it hard. Afterwords we went to walmart to get some stuff and came home with hungry hippos among other games. Wow was that more fun than anticipated. We played it for 2.5 hours the first night and a couple a few days later. I highly reccomend it to everyone, it's great entertainment. THe first night we would do 1 ball at a time and the 2nd 4 at a time. We'd rotate seats and hippos to keep things fair as some are better than others and the table wasn't completely flat. The 1 ball at a time method is more skill but slower and not as much fun imo. Probably because i suck at it. I did well at the 4 ball way though.

(first part typed on plane but we were landing so I had to stop and I forgot to finish til now (2 weeks later haha))

The rest of the boys got there the next day. It was quite the group - Dave, Jay, Billy, pfunk, sponger, cts, and pickett. We had a sweet dinner that rivaled a good vegas dinner and skiing worked out far better than anticipated with such a large group as everyone was pretty similar in abilities. It often broke down after a run or two into groups of like 6 which is still a lot and a lot of fun.

I'm not sure of the final tally but it had to have snowed around 35-40" while we were there, so that was super nice and we had a couple good visibility days too.

A few days on the floor was enough for a beeker so I bought a twin matress that I'll have for subsequent trips which will be nice. I can't wait to go back.