Monday, October 20, 2008

one of those days

I sat down after softball this evening just planning on working a little bit with the baseball game on in the background...well then every bad player and their helpless brother thought it would be a good night for a marathon here I am 7 hours later. I wanted to work out. Nope. I wanted to go to bed and fix my sleep schedule. Nope. I wanted to watch the new entourage cause I hear it's good. Not yet.'s all worth it. It's just one of those days where the fish don't leave or go bust and I'm crushing so my image is good. As a good professional - when those two come together I just don't get to quit no matter how 'sick of sitting at this stupid freaking computer' I am. Days like today make the non-poker days just that much sweeter and make me feel better about a splurge here and there.

I think I'm just extra satisfied because after my 1k/2k shot I lost five or six hundred bets and today brings me out of that hole. Money wise I'm still in it but it's not about that. That will come in due time. I have the bets and a good chunk of my confidence back.

For those of you who are playing the fall classic main event...good luck and hopefully see you at the final table...

Wow, just as I was going to post this (which is now 8 hours instead of 7) one of the big dumbdumbs quit and that's gonna be good enough for me to just call it a night. Yay. Good night.

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