Thursday, April 7, 2011

a few heads up battles and otherwise quiet

I've had a few legit heads up limit holdem battles lately so my hours have been a little higher than I anticipated. At 35 hours for that first week... These battles are where most decent money comes from so I'm always happy to oblige and suck it up and play...I hadn't played k*bblerd*g in a year or two so when he sat $60/120 with me I was thrilled. He got off to an early lead but his overaggressive check raising every flop isn't too hard to combat in the long run as long as you're not ridiculously card dead...which I wasn't so it went well and I won ~9000.

So my month is off to a decent start...and this year I'd say I'm running a little bit above average...except for heads up no limit where I'm running 50 (yes fifty!) buyins under all in expectation in only 26000 hands. I'm the worst at winning all ins...but I've ran hot at 200/400 so that makes up for it :)

My stupid computer/graphics card is glitching and ruined one of my battles which was really frustrating. I took it outside and blew the dust out of it today in case that's part of the problem. It was dustier than I've ever seen. Either way good to get it out.

I haven't figured my wsop schedule yet but I'm thinking I'll go 2 or 3 times for short trips and play a few small tourneys and the main event obviously. I really don't care for the vegas lifestyle (other than craps!) so it's not too likely I'll be out there much more than that unless out of nowhere the cash games are unreal.

Twins home opener tomorrow and bachelor party for my sister's fiance on saturday. Sounds like fun/no poker for a few days.

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