Monday, December 3, 2007

stars nl

I haven't played stars NL in about a year and I was getting sick of the UB waitlist bug and couldn't find any good games really so I decided to try 8-9 tabling it. For the first couple weeks of getting back into NL a month ago I played 4 tables...and after that somewhere between 3 and 6.

I figured it was filled with a bunch of 8 tabling nits and I was right. It's unbelievable how many 13/5 to 13/12 guys there are on there and there are plenty that are nittier than that. There are also just a lot more 'good' aggressive players who will 3 bet you a lot compared to any of the other sites...but all this said, most tables had at least one guy who played like 35/10...and the super nits don't really give me fits because most of them don't really have any idea how to play poker.

I'm still not quite there comfortability wise vs the regs when there is a re-raise pre. I've been doing real well but I think I've ran a little on the lucky side and they've had the lower ends of their ranges a lot. I'm talking about the JJ's and the QQ's and generally I've just been jamming with AK every time haha.

I definitely feel like I'm outplaying people more than they're outplaying me...but obviously we all get outplayed sometimes and I've made a few really dumb call downs where I made kelsey yell at me for being such a stubborn moron.

I also feel like I've probably flopped about 2x the normal amount of sets...but I really don't just feels like every other hand I have a set...but that could be a product of 720 hands per hour...which is another thing...I've always been a PT/stats whore and being able to play 5k hands in one day leads to some interesting stuff to look through without having to wait weeks/months.

I also liked how I could 8 table on my laptop...whereas other sites I can really only play 4 tables.

I'm sure i'll get sick of the tougher games soon, but for now, this is fun and I've been killing it. Up 16 buyins (~10k) in the last 24 hours after 6500 hands.

Also, going out to vegas on wednesday...haven't been there since the summer and was so burned out from it, but playing all that live NL in san diego really got me back in the mood.

/update ended the 2 days at 21 buyins...and I imported my hands into pokerev and I'm running 6k above expectation on all-in pots...luckbox!!!

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