Thursday, December 20, 2007

fine fine, I'll update my blog

Lets see, where to begin...

I spent a week in vegas and it was a fun trip. I went with schneids, david w and dave p. Great guys and we were able to score an adjoining room so that was nice. Kirby and pokerbob were out there trying to collect the dollars as well. I didn't play as much poker as usual, but that was fine with me.

Kelsey graduated from college on sunday so I went up there as did her family to help her move and watch her graduate. Congrats to her! She also got a job with Best Buy. The only downside is she has to work in Duluth for 6 months, but it's what needed to be done. Time flies, it'll be fine...but I'm definitely ready for a non long-distance relationship...been almost 2 years! What's another 6 months i guess.

I keep waiting for the inevitable bad run at poker...and even though i have my share of -10 to -20k daily streaks, it always bounces back strong within a couple days...very aba like. I've been really mixing nl and lhe pretty evenly these days. Maybe that's been helping, as if you feel in a small rut with one, the other is so different you can forget about the other for a little bit. I have to thank schnettler, jay, and pickett for all the NL help. I wouldn't be here doing so well without them. I'm just so pumped to finally be competent at the game. That said, I still have so incredibly much to learn, but at least I understand the flow of the game now.

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