Tuesday, January 22, 2008

finally an update

The past month has been super hectic. The holidays always are and throw in there kels graduating, her grandpa dieing, going on a cruise (ok that was a nice break from everything) and then getting her situated in her new apartment. I ended the year by dropping a billion dollars straight over 6 days so from the 29th until like the 10th of january I didn't really play any poker. I shouldn't complain too much because if I would have quit on the 25th of dec it would have been one of my best months ever and I still ended up a healthy amount for the month. I think I talked about things going well and waiting for the innevitable floor drop in my last blog. It came. I was due. The world is fair and right. I ran sick hot for quite awhile.

Since coming back I've spent 90% of my time playing no-limit and 10% limit and man has that just been so much better. The limit I've played has been sick (in a bad way) judging by my stats. I don't ever have anything, and when I do have something, somebody has something better...and in the aggressive upper limit games that's just a recipe for disaster and it's wore me down a lot. I've been making money still because no-limit has been the bulk of my games, but it's really too bad I can't perserveer through the limit at the moment cause I feel like there is still a lot of money in those games if you can put up with the misery. Then again, pretty much everyone I knwo who plays limit is in the same boat (hates the variance) and that makes me feel better that I've made it as well as I have 2.5 years into being a pro playing almost 100% lhe.

With no-limit I've been playing mostly 3/6 and 5/10 chopped between the best games on pokerstars and fulltilt for now.

All that complaining about limit aside, like I said there is still a ton of money to be made at it and people who are interested in getting their piece, so I've decided to join up with CardRunners.com to make instructional videos. My first video should be out soon where I played heads up vs a friend of mine john hoppman.

Given how much time I spent at limit holdem HU my next undertaking is NL HU and understanding how to play with deeper stacks. I feel pretty comfortable in the midlimit 6max nl 100bb games now and want to expand my knowledge base. For that I've been playing some co-op sessions with friends as well as watching cardrunners videos. I checked out CTS's latest HU vid and liked it a lot.

One cool thing with poker is the network of people you make. Right now I'm on a flight to montana to meet up with brad L and his family to ski for a week. Brad and I have known eachother a few years though poker and 2+2 back in the day and have hung out a few times in vegas/LA and talk on aim from time to time but other than that don't know eachother super well. It's jsut a cool opportunity to meet new people and have a good time.

Blogging is like working out...if you don't make it part of any regular routine it's so easy to not do it and then so much has happenned so it feels overwhelming...so I'll try to get back into doing it more.

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