Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Like I said, I kept waiting for the inevitable bad run at poker...and it came in full force.

I lost hard 5 straight days and now am on a vacation from poker until after I get back from the cruise Kels and I are taking on friday until the 10th. I think I'm going to come back playing no limit more for a little as it just doesn't seem to wear on me as limit does and kind of give myself some more lhe healing time.

I'm so used to being in a "if i don't have anything i WANT to do I play poker" mode that taking these vacations is kind of interesting. I got medal of honor heroes 2 for Wii for christmas and jon and I beat it yesterday. He is always mister working man (60 hours avg, sometimes 70+) so our paths don't cross as much as we'd like so it was nice to spend a bunch of the day with him.

New years was a fun time. Went down with jon and his gf and 3 of her friends to a local bar with some live music and what not. It was an older crowd but a great atmosphere cause it wasn't trashy, packed, or too loud for conversation.

I wish I could go golfing right now, I'm really in the mood. I booked a ski trip to Montana with brad L the 20th of January so I better get back to working out or it's going to be a struggle. Good luck to me on that one!

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