Saturday, February 16, 2008

2nd in tourney

I decided semi-last minute to play the 2500 LHE tourney and got 2nd place for 30k. First was supposed to pay 42 and 2nd 23 but men the master and I decided to each take 30 and play for 6.5 for first. He ran super hot and got real lucky to beat me but that's heads up limit holdem for ya. I definitely ran hot myself in the tourney.

I wasn't able to wire money out before coming out so I didn't have a ton of money and was starting to really feel short which I think makes me play worse so before the tourney I took a cab to Wells fargo to get a cashiers check. Good thing I wasted time and energy with that.

The $400/800 games have been sick good the last few days. I broke evenish the first night and picked up a nice win last night, playing one of my longest live sessions ever of 17 hours.

Given that session I don't really feel like playing anything meaningful today and right now I just started watching Jerico on Itunes. I'll probably go down and play some 10/20nl and get some food cause I don't get to play live NL very often and no matter what happens it can't hurt bad. I heard there's another good 400/800 game but I'm not feelin it right now.

I'm going back tomorrow night and get back into MN monday morning. Kels is in town for some training so that'll be nice then I think towards the end of the week Dave P and I are going to Snowbird in utah. Man I'm pumped, the weather is looking great!

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