Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm not dead

For whatever reason I just haven't felt like updating this in awhile. It kinda seems like the season to do that as pokerbob and schneids both went a month without updating, too.

As far as what I've been up to...

*a good number of twins games
*golf - only twice so far this season... I need to learn how to hit out of the sand again, I seem to have forgotten. The weaher hasn't been exactly great yet.
*poker - up and down and up and down. Still going well but pretty swingy.
*hanging out with jon because he finally got a new job that doesn't kill him hours wise

I got new tires for my car (acura tl) cause one of my old ones got a hole and so far they seem so much better. Jon knows tires so he helped me pick them out and I'm pumped for the winter for not having tires that blow (these got way higher winter ratings). So hopefully this winter you wont hear any "yeah but my car sucks in the snow" excuses from me.

I have to finish setting usemywallet up but it appears that it now works great for getting money off cake (previously not possible for 2 months) which relieves some stress as I have a significant chunk on there. So that'll be nice to get to a safe place. I still have a healthy amount on a small site that is having cash flow problems since epassporte went away and held onto some of their money. It really is funny the stuff we as poker players put up with to be able to play online. Having money just floating out there not being able to access it or 100% trust the people who are holding onto it almost seems really stupid. I guess we are gamblers. That said, I no longer will play on absolute or UB because I don't trust them.

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