Friday, November 7, 2008

Johnny Chan

When I was a very new poker player, I would watch rounders over and over. I've probably seen it 30 or 40 times. In the last couple years I watch it perhaps once or twice a year for nostalgias sake. So when Johny Chan came up and sat down next to me at our $500/1000 game I had to admit I was like woah. I've played with many more notable people and better players than him, but there was just something cool about playing a limit holdem pot vs johnny chan- the guy who was so incredibly glorified in that movie. The only hand we got involved together was actually pretty boring and standard but I may as well share it.

Johny raised in MP, I 3 bet right behind with TT, all folded, he called.

Flop Q74 with 2 hearts.

He c/r I call.

Turn offsuit 9

He checked I bet, he called

river offsuit 2

He checked I bet, he folded.

I mean, if you woulda told me 5 years ago when I first saw this movie that I would be playing poker some day for real and not in some contrived situation(like some tournament) with Johnny chan I would have thought you were out of your mind. Now the only person left who I'd like to play with is Doyle brunson and I can't imagine playing with him outside of a tournament really. I also kinda want to play lhe with Phil Ivey cause I hear he's one of the best and I want to see if there's anything subtle I can pick up from him...

So far so good on the trip, but anyone who has played big white chips knows it can change drastically in a hurry...wish me luck!


Eugene said...

Did he ask you if you had it on the river? And did you respond I don't know John?

bicyclekick said...

Nah, he was losing and quiet so he wasn't too chatty, but that would have been awesome to play that scene out.