Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rise Against

For Dave Schnettler and Mike Pickett's birthday they decided to get a vip suite at myth for the Rise against concert and what an idea it was. We didn't get there for the first band, but thrice and alkaline trio played also and they were really good...but Rise just knocked everyone's socks off. They are just so good in concert. I highly recommend the suite to anyone for concerts too. Can easily fit 20-30 people in there comfortably and everything just works out smoothly. We did get a little rowdy and I think one person got kicked out at the end but it was just hard not be to with how good rise against was.

Some seasons out west are snowy in November and I've been following the weather daily and it just hasn't been. I've been ready to pack my bags and go for a couple weeks but nowhere has much open and I'll just have to wait. The long range forecast is warm and dry, too. Hopefully early December will be different.

Michelle and I went ice skating last week and it was my first time on skates in probably 15 years. Since I ski and rollerblade it came back nicely and it was fun to get out there and cruise around with how much hockey we watch these days. Some of the guys are talking about a pickup game, that sounds really fun. Matter of fact I'm gonna go make a few phones calls and see if we can set that up next week.

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Devo said...

1) call me when u do come out west to ski i'm in.
2) if u get a hockey game i might be in.