Friday, February 6, 2009

mmm sleep

I think my body has finally figured out it's sleep schedule and I've been getting 9-10 hours every night for the past week. Man it's been great. Not feeling tired during the day is amazing.

I've been mashing the hours at poker and it's been very breakeven/small losing. Bout time I came off the heater...

Me, Dave p, Dave schnettler, billy, and Paul are heading to utah sunday for a quick 3 day trip. I'm really pumped up.

It's too bad there are 2 wild home games over that time, but skiing>wild. Wednesdays game was real fun (3-0 wild) and hopefully we'll have another great game tonight.

Kobblerdog came back yesterday and is here today again so wish me luck landing him before he busts his monthly allowance.