Sunday, February 1, 2009

Vail and poker since LA

Poker is really dumb and I know I always go into it and I don't really plan on it too deeply this time. In my last post I talked about having my first daily win over 300 bets in my 5 year career. Well, I beat that record yesterday with a 340 bet win, which I followed up today with a 260 bet win. Since blowing my head in in LA I've won 1350 bets. To put it into some perspective my huge loss in LA was 120 bets...but they were bigger bets $ wise so I'm still down money.

This is ridiculous, I have top pair or a set every other hand and I just don't lose. I'm obviously playing good, but it's infinitely easier to play good when you're winning and have top pair every other hand. That said, I really am pleased with the state of the games these days. It seems liek every table I play has a drooler type of a guy and that just makes the negative variance so much less. The positive variance I'm experiancing is pretty fun.

Vail was a great time but I was just feeling tired the whole time. I'm pretty sure it was because my body was still recovering it's sleep schedule from LA. Every day I'd be starting to fall asleep at like 7pm. And when you're around a bunch of other people taht's brutal, so I came home a couple days early but still was able to get 3 days of skiing in.

I also bought new boot liners while I was there. Fitting was the most painful experience I've had in a few years. They inject this hot foam and it crushes the shit out of your feet to get the proper mold. Taking them out after it was over was an experience as I had lost all feeling so whacking them on the ground felt like i was paralyzed basically. Anyhow, TOTALLY worth it. Man the performance is tons better. And I even had $250 dollar footbeds before. They sucked compared to this. My left one might need to get tweaked a little but I have to ski it a few times to pack it out before I get it modified anymore, but the right one is absolutely perfect.

I also bought heaters for my boots. They are a paper thin heating element that they put in the liner and attatch to a battery pack that sits on the outside strap of your boot and it's controlled by a blue tooth controller that you wear around your neck. The boys gave me a little shit for it, but I'm sick of not being able to take all the runs I want to because of cold feet. I have bad circulation and having warm feet would drastically improve my skiing screw everyone else. :)

Oh, I looked at my stuff and I put in 180 hours of poker in jan...which makes it the most I've ever played I think. 45 hour weeks ftw. February is going to be similar. I'm just not going to play above 50/100 unless it's against kobblerdog. Haha. I'm looking forward to it.