Monday, March 3, 2008

some good luck

Since the twins started developing their new stadium, I've wanted to get good season tickets for it. We got in on the new stadium priority list a year and a half ago when they made the playoffs and we committed to a small package so we could get decent playoff tickets.

I talked to a representative a few months ago about what it would take to get really good seats at the new stadium. He said that all of the seats behind home plate + diamond view were already taken for this year and we could get some lower level seats down the line somewhere and that would be the best bet. This wasn't overly appealing so I kinda put it on the back burner. I called again a couple days ago and he said the next day was the last day to renew your previous year seats and although he wasn't going to have anything great he'd have better seats in a few days and would get ahold of me with what he'd have. He called me the next day to confirm what I wanted...I told him the best 4 seats you can do. He said ok he'd do some checking and get back to me.

15 minutes later he called and said a 4some canceled their behind home plate seats with him and since he knew I was serious about wanting them he called me first. Yoink. 21 rows (about 2/3rds) up right behind the plate. Sick luck. Schneider and I chopped it and I'll probably only go to like 20 or 30 games and just sell the rest. Scalping is now legal and especially for premium games (red sox/yankees etc) these could sell for 3x easy. Other games no problem getting at least face value for if not a good bit it's actually a decent money thing too. It would be sweet to break even and still make it to quite a few games.

Having these also assures we'll get good seats when the new stadium comes out, which like I said was the main priority. I can't wait. Bring on baseball!

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