Friday, March 21, 2008

snowboarding and poker

I snowboarded for the second time a couple days ago and I was pleasantly suprised how much progress I've made since I first started. The first day was very very hard and painful but still a fun challenge, but now that I can make normalish turns (front side to heal side and visa versa) it's becoming a lot more fun. I am still slow/not stylish but feel like I could make it down any run in Minnesota (which isn't saying much). If I get around to it I'll definitely buy a board so I can always have the same get up. I really can't imagine it taking over my love of skiing, but it's been a fun challenge for when I'm not out west with good snow.

As far as poker, I've been mostly playing 30/60 and 5/10 NL but the 100/200 I have played I've actually done ok the last little bit. I played a 14 hour session yesterday which was capped off by a 10/20 nl game I wasn't leaving until 3 of the players lost their money or the game broke. At one point 1 guy had 12k, another with 11, another with 7, me with 9 and a random guy with like 2. None of them had a prayer. It lasted quite a while and I ended up winning maybe 7k in it which could have easily been 20 if I wouldn't ahve gotten 3 outted and 2 outted on the river in huge pots.

I made my third card runners video today...2 tabling 30/60. It was a decentish video imo, I hope you all like it.

Getting together with some folks to watch some college hoops tonight...gotta love march madness. I picked Kansas to win it all. gogoogogogo

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