Sunday, March 16, 2008

wow I'm bad at updating

I've been playing quite a bit of lhe this month and I've been winning bets but losing money because whenever I play 100/200 or 200/400 I lose my ass but I win when I play 20/40-30/60. I was a little annoyed with it for a few days so I decided to put my energy into qualifying for the WSOP main event. About $500 later in effort I made the top 10 of a 5k FPP 750 person qualifier and won my seat. They also give you 2500 and 8 days at the palms but if you're a supernova they give you a suite. I'm not sure exactly what kind of suite but either way a bunch of value there. I also got 7th in the supernova freeroll with 1400 players. MTT's don't stand a chance vs me these days or something.

I've been going to canterbury a good amount lately(4 times in 2 weeks) and every session has been the same. I get up about a rack and then I end up leaving down a small amount. I did win 175 the day I couldn't get into the 30/60 game and ended up playing 8/16 all night, but the 30/60 sessions have been weird. Usually it's like lose 3 racks one day win 2 the next or something, not this small win/lose cycle. I've been very good at sweet second bests.

2 sessions ago there were 5 times on the river where I bet my hand and if the villain just called me there was no way my hand wasn't good. but each time they called and I lost. They weren't slowrolling me, but it almost felt like it. Then again they saved me 300. I'd have like K8 on the K95K7 board and they'd have KJ and never put a raise in.

I've been feeling really solid about my LHE game these days. I'm back into my old aggressive ways and I feel like it fits the way my brain works so much better. Hands just make so much more sense to me when I do it this way vs the fancier/less reckless ways.

I've been playing a touch of no-limit on the side and except for a disaster 25/50 session where I lost set under set in the first 2 minutes then bluffed off another stack where I had no intentions of playing that game then next thing I know I'm stuck 10 and had to quit so I didn't go off. I haven't been so mad at myself for a bad play in a longggggggg time. It was a very very gross hand. Lesson learned I guess.

I've been wanting to ski really badly but things aren't quite lining up for that. Hopefully can get out in a week or so real quick. We'll see.

I'm off now to Duluth to spend a few days with Kelsey and I think her mom, sister and brother are gonna spend a day or 2 up there too cause it's their spring break. We're all gonna try to snowboard (I've done it once, Kelsey not in 4 years, and her siblings never b4) It's gonna be a blast and a disaster at the same time. Wish us luck.

I have a cardrunners video due friday that I haven't made yet and haven't decided what to make it on. If anyone has any input I'd definitely take it into consideration. Lemme know in the comments or something.

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alittlegambooler said...

please make a video explaining when it is correct to open limp the J7 offsuit on the button in a full ring live limit hold'em game. thank you.