Sunday, June 8, 2008

San diego / Vegas trip report

I really probably should have updated this mid trip, because now that I'm trying to think about what to write about...there's more than I want to write/you want to read, so I'll try to keep it short.

San Diego highlights: padres game, riding bikes on the beach, our house combined winning 100k in a day (i was the smallest slice of those who played...GO FRIENDS!), watching the season finale of lost with like 10 people.

In vegas I played the $1500 NL tourney and played my best tourney poker in awhile and almost cashed but didn't quite. I also played the $5k mixed holdem event and felt like I played well again, but was ridiculously card dead late and couldn't get anything going.

I played about 4 hours total of cash games. 9 handed live holdem to me is just pure boredom these days. I did get to play some live plo and just because it's so different I enjoyed it.

I played a $10k freezeout with crazymike and won. He beat me the last time we played live, so it was nice to get some redemption.

Everything above is overshadowed by the fact that a buddy of mine Ducci won the $1k rebuy tourney for 650k and a WSOP bracelet. He had a super tough final table and worked it over really well. We had quite the cheering section and it was super fun to just be a part of watching him win. The celebration the next day was quite the blast too, dinner at michael mina's at the bellagio then table service at tryst. Congrats ducci, you earned it buddy!

As we were leaving the poker room the night ducci won the tourney, another friend of mine tony rivera (more commonly known as togni)was getting deep in the $10k mixed event and ended up scooping it for 483k. Since this tourney involved 8 different games it was thought of as one of the toughest tourney's of the wsop. Nice work togni!

When I got home last night another friend of mine told me his friend Rep (and my acquaintance/friend...we've played a lot in the past 3 years but haven't hung out outside of poker minus maybe a dinner) won the $1500 6 handed NL tourney for $383k. The 6 handed part makes it a much more skilled victory in my opinion because it really forces you to get involved in pots instead of waiting for good hands. Congrats rep!

On the plane ride back I got really into the book 4 hour work week. I bet I'll finish it up in the next few days. I'll save my full recommendation until I'm finished, but so far I think pretty much everyone should at least check it out.

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