Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Vegas round 2

I flew back to vegas on saturday because I had dreams of winning the 10k limit holdem world championship...

My first table was actually pretty soft...I'd compare it to a 100/200 live game. Definitely a sweet table pickup. I ran really bad and after like 6 hours our table broke and I moved with something like 12k chips when we started with 20k. I get to the next table which was the sickest table I've ever been at:

1 Andrew Prock (writer of pokerstove)
2 Tuan Lee
3 Howard Lederer
4 me (bicyclekick)
5 David Oppenheim
6 Chris (death donkey)
7 Marco Johnson (crazy marco)
8 daniel Negrauneu
9 daniel Alahi

I didn't ever flop anything and the two times I actually had hands I got beat. Luckily I busted out 20 minutes before the end of the day so I didn't have to come back the next day with just a few chips. At least I lasted longer than schneider and hoppmann. Haha.

The last night crazy mike decided he wanted to play a $4/8 mixed game at the venetian. The mix would be homo (holdem, omaha high, mikes crazy pineapple 8 or better, and omaha 8 or better. It was actually quite the line-up.

2 dr_olson
3 jessie (mn guy)
5 Crazy mike
6 me
7 hoppmann
8 schneids
9 dave p

Most people bought in for 5 racks while crazy mike knew better and bought in for 10...I think everyone but 2 people had to rebuy. Crazy mike played literally 100% of the hands, and before action would get to him he'd put out 20 and if anyone else wanted to could announce 20 and it was auto-20. Every once in awhile people would limp or only want to play for like 3 bets and he'd flip out. It was quite fun and ridiculous...most pots were 3 racks or more. Schneids, hoppmann and kpr decided to go a little over the top on messages. Schneider spent 550, hoppmann like 350 and kpr like 350. Goofballs...go to a spa. It was so much better than doing something similar at canterbury...because everything goes. If you get a card dealt face up...tough deal with it. If you arrive to a hand late you can have 4 cards off the top of the deck, etc. Just no bs rules.

I feel like it's been forever since I've been to a twins game...I guess it's probably been 2-3 weeks but now that I'm home and the twins are home I'll probably go to a couple. I'm really pumped for next week...going to san diego on monday to visit the boys and see the twins/padres!

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