Saturday, July 5, 2008


Every time I'm in vegas or LA a few random people ask me why in the world am I still living in MN. I think it comes down to 1 main thing - Minnesota summers are tough to beat. I really like the people here too but...the summers with all the lakes is the kicker.

Everyone laments about the winters and that is understandable. The cold can really suck and be miserable, but it can be really fun too if you try...go sledding, play snow football, have a snowball fight, go ice skating, go skiing/snowboarding, go snowmobiling. Also, with poker I've been blessed with the ability to travel a lot so I don't spend long enough here to grow weary of it. Falls and springs aren't too shabby, either.

This past week in MN has been incredible and exactly why I love MN.

Saturday: had a bbq...great food, infinity beer, badminton, yard games, bon fire rock band.
Sunday: golf, work in the evening.
Monday: Wake boarding and water skiing with the boys on pickett's boat. Twins game.
Tuesday: Work and errands during the day, twins game then check out the new Running Aces card room
Wednesday: Go fishing and plan on wake boarding but it was too windy, rats. Stop up at running aces for an hour and go home and just sit in lawn chairs on the patio with Dave P and chill for a couple hours enjoying the evening air.
Thursday: Financial planner meeting, work, golf chipping game at the park, taste of MN, bar roof/patio
Friday (4th): had some guys over for badminton and hanging out then go to twins before lighting off a bunch of fireworks followed by the bar.

A pretty kickass week if you ask me.

Now I have an hour to get ready for vegas...gotta go start winning the main event. I've got pieces of a bunch of guys in it too so hopefully I'll make out one way or another! Wish me luck!


Devo said...

so spend summers in MN and the other 9 months of God awful weather somewhere else... like, Vegas.

MSMITH20 said...

Devo is right. However if you are in love with MN, why bother about what people say.
Micheal Smith

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