Friday, August 22, 2008


I started working on a big poker reflection post on the flight from MN to SD but I wasn't able to finish before landing. I'm probably half done and when I'm motivated to finish it I'll do it...but I don't feel like it at the moment yet I feel I should update my blog.

August has been a great month. I started it out up north with my family/extended family at a camp that boarders the boundary waters. Lots of hiking/canoeing/card games/beach/reading/relaxing etc. No TV's/computers/gambling/cell phones except a couple small spots where I could get updates on the twins. It was fantastic.

I came back determined to really get my grind on and I did exactly that. After a few months at about half-pace, I've been playing a good amount again, almost all either 100/200 limit or 5/10 and 10/20 no-limit. Most of the 100/200 limit has been heads up and I've really honed in my game at that. I had my biggest day ever (minus the schneids stake which doesn't count IMO) and my biggest week ever as well. It just feels so good when you put in lots of hard work and it pays dividends down the road. Obviously there is a good amount of luck in the short-term, but I've really put tons into my heads up limit holdem game over the past 2 years and it's showing. I'll talk more about this in my reflection post.

Past that, I've been golfing the amount I had hoped...2ish times per week. I've also kept up on my workout plan (no less than 3 times per week) as well as joined a fall softball team. The twins have been a lot of fun lately too. Now they're on the road so along with Jon's schedule it seemed like a great time to head to San Diego again. We're going to drive up to Anaheim Sunday morning for the angels/twins which should be really fun. We tried to get a tee time next week to Torrey pines (where they played the US open) but it was too late. I'll have to remember way in advanced next time.

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