Saturday, August 2, 2008


Jay was in town for a bit and threw a siccck birthday party. We started by a little grillin/outdoor stuff and went from there to britts for a little hiatus before aqua. Some of the guys know people who work there so we got a sweet deal on the top area. It worked out great and major thanks to jay for setting it up/getting like 40 people to come/paying for it.

We've been playing a 30/60 HOE (and one night SOE) game up at running aces a good bit lately(like once a week haha). I think we're going to try to make it like a regular monday game or something. Online I've been really mixing in the NL lately because it's been going so well. Other than that I've been playing a bit more $100/200 cause confidence/online $ is higher again. I've also been mixing in the PLO from time to time to to see if I can really figure that game out. All said and done July was pretty solid especially considering none of my world series fishies cashed and I didn't either.

The twins have been really fun. Went to all of the white sox games and had planned on todays game but when I stepped outside at 2pm I decided it was too nice and bob and I golfed instead. Not a very good round, but it was absolutely gorgeous out so it's all good.

Tomorrow I go up north by ely with my family/extended family for a little annual north woods getaway. It's gonna be fantastic. No poker, no computers, no tv, basically no phone. Nothing but relaxing/games/north woods stuff. I'm really excited!

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