Wednesday, August 27, 2008

twins angels

On Sunday we were at the twins/angels game in Anaheim and doing the standard away fans thing which led to a nice little away team section. The 6 of us who came together was 16 or 17 by the 7th inning. Anaheim fans definitely seemed to be more the casual fans than the over intense ones. Other than 2 drunk alpha males nobody really gave us much grief and billy put them in their place quickly. We decided to give the game back/away so instead of some sweet camaraderie we had to leave quietly but it was still super fun.

As of 9am that morning I still wasn't positive Schneider was gonna make it and then dave got sick (like strep not hungover sick) so I called dave p and him and hoppmann were at the bar after a long night of poker and had been drinking since like 7am. He wasn't hard to convince to join us so he packed his bag quick and we met up at the stadium.

Every time I go to an outdoor game it just makes me want the twins to hurrrrrry up and finish the stadium!

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