Wednesday, March 23, 2011

heads up 30/60 battle, heads up as a game

That was pretty tiring. I just got done 'battling' a guy 3 tables of 30/60 lhe heads up for 1500 hands. It was a very peculiar match for me. I usually don't bluff too much (obv other than continuation betting/barreling) and this guy said he usually played 14 tables of no he was ultra foldy, perhaps more than anyone I've ever seen.

He would constantly check back the flop and fold the turn. He raised my turn bets no more than like 8 times in those 1500 hands. He never adjusted. I just kept bluffing and bluffing and bluffing some more. He won at showdown over 75% of the time. It's just we only went 28% and most of the rest of the hands I won by bluffing. It's not too often you get to play a guy like that so I had to be a little more conscious of what optimal strategy vs this type of player. My friends and I haven't talked many times about how this is the easiest player type to play think of that next time you play heads up and aren't used to it. call call call call etc

I went to canter the other night and had a good time, although I don't find omaha 8/b fun. Luckily I only had to play like an hour of it. A buddy is in town and another has spring break next week so I'll probably go up there next week a handful of times...which is rare for me lately. I had a big stretch where I played a ton, but not lately.

I hadn't even thought of this when I started writing this blog, but there is a thread on 2+2 that is generating a bit of interest. Bryce claimed he thinks sites should get rid of hu tables and instead institute a game where you can like enter a player pool to play a random person who is in the pool for 200 hands.

This is ridiculous.

My response to that I wrote in the thread is as follows:

"There is no shot the sites get rid of heads up tables.

Suggesting it should be removed is pretty lol. Either table selecting your opponents and playing them or not being able to play heads up with somebody if you both want to play heads up for a certain stake is ludicrous.

It doesn't even make that big of a deal with this 'lobby' busyness. I agree it is slightly less inviting but it's definitely not an important enough of a factor in trying to convince somebody it should be removed. It's just so avoidable (by filtering) and maybe the fish are a hair uninvited by it (but truly I bet most don't notice/think about it/care) but it sure doesn't seem to be affecting most of them - there are tons of guys who keep losing tons and tons of money. People want to gamble and they will put up with some bs to do so. This is light bs and is insignificant in the case for removing heads up.

This is coming from somebody who also sits heads up $500/$1000 sit and goes so I definitely feel comfortable playing anyone and am willing to play more than most...It's just not right to take away the heads up game from people who want to play that way."

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