Saturday, March 26, 2011

quick downer, avoiding burnout

I've been playing a lot online the last week and it's been going great...until the last 1300 hands which I'm down like 230 bets. Mostly low stakes so not much money but very frustrating nonetheless. I never have anything and they always do.

I have a buddy in town and another one on spring break and we're going to play lots of online poker I'm sure so this afternoon I've just putzed around without tables open. I tried playing civilization 5 but the new graphics card i got (geforce 570) has been having stability issues so that didn't happen as I didn't have the patience to deal with it.

I finally moved my postgresql hand history database to the terabyte drive so now i finally have the space to make a massive database. I'm exited and eagerly awaiting the import.

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Yvonne B. Bowen said...

I think this is a charming issue, I expect you would surely post on it again sometime near the future. Thanks guys!