Thursday, March 24, 2011

a little ring game break, etc etc

I got tilted last week playing ring games so I decided unless there is a world class fish playing at 100/200 or 200/400 I'm going to skip the ring game grinding. No more 30/60 50/100 etc. I just feel like chilling and heads up is good for me like that. So instead to make sure I get hands I'm playing $5/10 and 6/12 lhe hu and 1/2 NL also. It's pretty relaxing and far less irritating. Hopefully the pros don't bust 8sup while i'm gone... ;)

This snow is actually the only snow all year that has bothered me. Usually I like snow and winter weather, but I'm fully in spring mode and it's time to go and not come back.

My bracket is doing of the middle of the pack...and I am still in the hunt but probably somewhat of a longshot. I have ohio state winning it all..

I started playing civ 5 again and while I've been a lifelong fan of the civilization series (esp civ 2) I just can't get hooked on it. This is like my 3rd run at it and it's the same as every other time. I just can't get engrossed.

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