Sunday, July 1, 2007


I went to bed last night at about 12 as I've been trying super hard to 'right' my sleep schedule. I had a few beers at the bar a few hours earlier so when I woke up at 330 I just kinda figured it was a side effect of that. Nope. Started getting the chills a little bit and was burnin I decided to see what was going on. 101.2 temp. Yuck. Popped some tylenol and attempted to sleep again, to no avail. Watched some tv, which goes SUPER slow when you feel like shit. It seriously felt like I was watching tv for 4 hours after an hour. Finally fell asleep around 8 in the morning and slept til 11.

Previous to this, I was shocked I hadn't gotten sick because almost everyone does who spends 3 weeks in vegas around those nasty chips and people.

I had been planning on adding HBO and now that I got sick it just expedited the process.

I just hope I get feeling better to goto Kelsey's cabin. Supposed to go back to vegas this coming weekend too. I still probably will, but we'll see.

Dave Schnettler (nlsoldier from 2+2) final tabled the 2k NL event #47! There is no payout sheet but I looked at a previous tourney with similar stuff and it paid 40k for 9th, the worst he can do. He's the short stack so he's gonna have to get a little lucky but I hope he can take down some big monies! He definitely has waited long enough.


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