Monday, July 9, 2007

here we gooooooooooo

I'm really lazy but haven't updated in a few days so I thought I'd come on here real quickly. I've been staying with Jay and Billy at the Rio and it's about 50 times better than staying at the bellagio. We have a suite (they are all suites) so we have tons of space and the room service menu is actually good food and not a million dollars. It's not as convenient for cash games but I've only played like 4 hours of cash games since getting here anyhow. We've played quite a bit online though.

All of us start the main event today. I have 75% of myself in it after selling 10% to schneider and poker bob and trading off a few %'s to billy, jay, and kirby. GOGOOGGOOGO

James282 and CMO both have around 80k after day one so that's good for them, even though both of them felt like they should have a grip more.

Wish me luck!


Michael said... gl man

Devo said...

c'mon now... what happened?