Friday, July 20, 2007

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I met up with Jay, Dave, Billy, Schlattery, Cahoy, balogna, and a few others up at Jay's dad's place on wednesday night up near saint cloud. The night started with some intense beer pong and was ended bye a rowdy camp fire with cahoy jamming on his guitar while we pretended to be able to sing to the songs.

Jay, Billy, Dave and I went to daves parents cabin the next day. It's incredibly dirty...pretty much a sweet house on a lake. A few relatives came out to celebrate dave's graduation from college as well as his grandpas birthday. Parties lead to great food. mmmmm foood. I'm getting a little soft but have been running lately so that should change by ski season.

The lake was really low from the lack of rain, which also made it really warm for swimming which was nice. We didn't make it wake boarding though.

After playing a little online in the evening, a home game broke out. I've been dying to play a home game for quite some time, so this was perfect. The 4 of us played dealers choice of games that are actually played at casinos. We played 2/4 limit badugi, stud 8, and 1/1 blind nl and plo. I think I lost like 80 bucks! Rats.

The following day instead of being human and enjoying the lake, we started playing a session in the morning and I started playing hu 30/60 with a guy at noon. We were going to go out in an hour or two. The guy was a HUGE moron and I was running it up on him and he rebought a few times and got lucky and ran it back against me to get to even after a few hours. I decided I was in it for the long haul as he was in for 6k and was destined to lose it all. I love being at the lake, but I just couldn't put aside 6k.

After about 5.5 hours something changed. I was up perhaps 3k on him and he hadn't said a word the whole time. Not one. He started commenting during hands and playing way better. I don't know if he called a friend over or what, but he started playing much better which wasn't good enough, but he wasn't the moron I had played all afternoon. He got some back and I quit up 1k after 6.5 hours :( We payed like 700 in rake and played like 1100 hands. It just asn't worth it anymore as he wasn't playing awefully and 6.5 hours straight is sick. Weagans and billy substituted a few short times so I could take a leak but other than that it was straight. Yuck. But sometimes you gotta work hard and make sacrifices. I made a lot more than 1k in sklansky bucks as he ran incredibly hot. I think my final SD stats were 34/43 which is terribly bad. That's sick for still beating a guy. my lifetime sd stats are like 43/49 so it was way different. He won a few big nasty pots too.

At night we went to transformers...which I didn't have much interest in seeing but it was really good. obviously very far fetched and ridiculous but there are actually a bunch of funny parts and the computer animation was incredible.

After the movie we came back to Dave's parents house and grinded some more and hung out with his brothers/cousin. I worked so hard for the 1k in the afternoon, but pulled out 7 in an easy hour or 2 here. Funny how that works sometimes.

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