Tuesday, April 1, 2008

hockey and baseballs

We decided it would be fun to get a suite for a wild game semi-for my birthday...so we got 12 people together for the wild/avalanche game on sunday. What a blast it was! I was going to wait to post until I got the pictures from it but now seemed like a good time to blog so it'll have to do without.

Tonight was the home opener for the twins and our season tickets were a good chunk better than i anticipated. They are 'row 21' but the rows start at like 7 or something and there are 32 rows, so half way up is definitely awesome. We are right on the line for the net so if you're not paying attention could definitely catch a ball off the ol face. Paying attention ftw.

I watch most twins games and really get into it, but so far with the snow and what not I'm just not quite in baseball mode. I bet by the end of the week I will be though. Our team is just so much different...it's almost as if I'm cheering on a whole new team. It was cool to see hunter there tonight and while there were a few boos there was some definite respect sent his way with a pretty classy standing O and what not. I did enjoy seeing joe nathon pwn him!

As far as poker...march has been quite the goofy month. I lost a bunch at the beginning but made a sweet bounce back. I'm very content with how things ended up and am looking forward to a great april.

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