Thursday, April 17, 2008

Denver report

Denver was a blast. What a game the first game was winning 3-2 in OT. Away hockey games/sports are really fun. I will say I was shocked at how well we were treated by the opposing fans though. We would walk down the street in our Wild jerseys and most people would say "gonna be a great game, good luck" or something of the like. From having watched the vikins/bears in chicago I was anticipating a lot more hostility. During the 2nd game we were down 4-0 and a woman in front of us turns and said "we know how it sucks...that's how we felt yesterday." There was very very little "HAHAHAHAH in your face you big douche bag wild fans" or anything really. They put up with our antics the previous night after the win as well...mostly just wild chanting and what not.

Oh there was one funny/hostile happening. The day before the 2nd game when we were walking down the street/mall area to catch the bus thingy when some 25ish year old hippy looking girl just started yelling "fuck you" at us incessantly and loudly. That's all she would say. Maybe it was "fuck you wild fans or something" but anyhow, we keep walking and get on the bus and her and her friend had kinda followed us so she's still yelling at us when we get on the bus and this young dude who is sitting on the bus is like "I know those two girls they're awesome." Billy said something to the guy about how much he thought they sucked and in true denver form the guy responded "Yeah I like her but could see why you guys think she sucks." Billy said a few more things but the guy just sat there like meh I'm just happy to be here who cares what you say.

The 2nd game was definitely the worst hockey game i've ever been to. There was essentially nothing to cheer for other than the occasional power play kill or potential fight brewing. By the time we scored and made it 5-1 it was over and we couldn't even stand up to cheer. We gave it til perhaps 6 minutes left in the 3rd just to make sure not to miss anything epic, but dipped out a little early to avoid leaving with the masses.

I haven't seen it yet, but I've been told by a number of people that we were on TV. I'm curious to see it so I'll have to buy the NHL tv thing again when it gets archived. I bought it today but the game isn't there yet. Rats.

With the twins starting, the ski trip, taxes, exciting end to the wild season, and now the post-season, I've really been working less than ever and it's exactly what I need. Anyone who knows me knows I work a little too much and don't really take enough time off/away from poker. That isn't to say I haven't been playing, I have...but maybe closer to 10-15 hours/week the last few weeks as opposed to 40+. It's been going well, too. I got an elliptical and have been using it too. I really think with that and the nicer weather, it'll be inexcusable to not be in good shape.

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