Monday, April 14, 2008

Off to colorado for the wild/avalanche

While at the wild/avalanche game on friday schneids, pickett, and I decided if we won we were going to Colorado to watch the away games and when we won we got a txt from billy and dave in california so we mentioned it to them and they wanted in, too. I told them to buy 6 tickets and we were committing. One of those things that if you don't commit on the spot, it's a lot harder to pull everything and everyone together. They bought tix for all of us for both games it was set.

So we leave tomorrow (monday)afternoon and come back wednesday evening. Just a super quick jaunt out there but it's gonna be great. Thursday is another home game and since Kels couldn't make it down because of the blizzard on friday (3rd one up there in 15 years go figure) will be coming down to watch it. Man playoff hockey is fun. I was talking to a buddy earlier and we were discussing how ridiculous it was that we didn't really pay much attention to hockey until the last few years and how awesome of a sport it is.

I should go try to grab some sleep...

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