Thursday, May 28, 2009

Camping etc

I feel like even though I'm doing mostly fun things that I'm constantly running around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I've been waking up to an alarm for the last month or so and I'm sure I'll get zero sympathy for that but isn't one of the perks of being a poker pro supposed to be lack of alarm in the morning?

The camping trip was a blast and could have been disasterous considering the rooftopper we had on top of the car flew off in reletively thick traffic while I was going 75mph. Everyone swerved properly and the state patrol was able to get it off the road and escort us off and tell us to get different and better straps at fleet farm. Only a few dents on my car and a 2 hour delay. Coulda been far worse.

The campsite was pretty cool, nice and wooded and we didn't have anyone overly close to us so sound wasn't an issue. We went hiking in a couple state parks and had some nice picnics and went to a winery and brewary. Also there was a really really sweet restaurant a calm bay on lake michigan that we had dinner one night and it was absolutely perfect. 70, sunny, and no wind. Very nice.

Nights were very very cold. Around 40 degrees...luckily we all brought hats and stuff so we all managed. We pulled the picnic table close to the fire and that helped a lot for playing cards. The first night I slept without a hat on and it was kinda annoying so the last 2 nights I slept with a hat on and it was much better. Now that I'm no longer a whipper snapper sleeping on the ground wasn't particularly thrilling. I got the best compact pad REI had, but next time I'm bringing an air matress lol. I woke up with a sore neck and back every day. Waaaaaaaaaah waaaah. :) I have a lot of respect for the people on survivor.

Since I felt like I was working a little too hard, I basically took a couple days off before my trip and then obviously didn't play on my trip, so that was really pleasant to have basically a week off. I'm back to playing 100/200 on my own action again and have won a little at that. I might chop more of the 6max action and take my own HU action because my edge is way bigger.

I skipped the twins game today cause of that running around with my head cut off feeling and then had my business meeting for 5pm get cancelled which actually kinda pissed me off cause I wanted to play tennis and also had originally planned on having my PA come over and help clean up the disaster I've made in my room and I cancelled her but she was able to come after all. I missed the tennis but I'll manage. I'm seeing a house at 8pm that I'm really hoping is I'm getting a little antsy. My financial planner changed her recommendations about the housing market from do what you want to buy small as she thinks the upper housing market still hasn't been affected by the forclosures and they are going to come in the next couple years and if I bought one and wanted to move it'd be a lottt harder and there will also be good deals then to take advantage of if I do in fact want to 'settle down for sure' in one place for awhile. Seems to make sense to this house is definitely underwhelming compared to some of the others I've looked at but it's location is great, it seems to have a pretty private back yard with woods behind it and deeded access to lake josephene.

Mike's friends who we're going on a golf trip this weekend must think getting up and atem early is the way to go, so they made tee times for like 11am 4 hours away for tomorrow, which means we have to be on the road by 6am. Brilliant imo. At least my sleep schedule is like 2am-10am so while it'll be brutal, it could be worse. I think i'm going to vegas next wednesday. This is contigent to me not feeling overwhelmed and also not having house stuff I have to take care of.

Michelle has been quite the supportive awesome gf these days and I feel like I should give her some extra public credit.