Friday, May 15, 2009

A little late

Sorry about the lack of updates...been busier than normal lately.

The twins game where they won 14-10 in the 13th inning was definitely the game of the year...unreal and super fun to be at. The day game the day after I skipped (i skip most day games...but next year outside they'll be funnnnn) was a pretty cool game too.

Poker...I haven't had this good of a start to a month, let alone this good of a month if it ended today in like 8 months so I'm pretty pumped about that. I'm playin real good and running real good also of course. Positive variance is fun! Hopefully this will propel me into having a sweet world series! I've been playing a lot too...and really noticed a biggg difference between the games from 11pm-5am vs the 11am-5pm so my sleep schedule is an annoying 6am-2pm but it comes with the territory. The games are just that much better lately.

I've been lookin at a couple houses again and there is one I want to see on turtle lake that looks pretty good but the selling agent forgot to tell them I wanted to see it and they were having people over for dinner so I couldn't see it! I couldn't see it on monday either for the same reason but that was a last minute call so it's understandable.

Next weekend a few of us are going camping in Door County Wisconsin...camping is one of those things you always talk about doing then very rarely actually do it...I'm pumped it's happening! The weekend after I'm going with a buddies friends to northern bay which is also in WI for a golf weekend. And 3 weekends from now it's vegas for the WSOP. It seems like everyone is going to be there that weekend so I'm really lookin forward to it.

I'm off to get ready for an Owl City concert now...

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