Friday, May 22, 2009


I had one of those shooting the shit for a few minutes in passing conversations turn into a 3 hour conversation with my roommate Jon tonight. What a conversation it was. It mostly didn't have anything to do with me, but even the parts that didn't made me realize I'm working too hard. It's too easy for me to work at all times of the day so it's always hanging over my head. I could always be making a lot of money for an hour of my time. This isn't fair to me with how I've handled it. I understand why I did for awhile as I was very motivated to make a bunch of money to make the house buying process more stress free as I lost some money when I pushed it, but now that I've gotten back on track, it's time to stop. I like never take full days off. I'm going to try taking sundays off for awhile. I'm sure there will be a rare sunday here and there where I want to play tournies and I'll take monday off, but I'm going to try this at least through June and see how it goes. This seems super "no duh" and easy and ridiculous to most people I'm sure, but I with my drive to put in 40 hours per week (which I've averaged over this year), it really hangs over my head. I guess that sounds like I'm addicted or have some sort of gambling addiction, but it's really not like that or about that. I've pretty much cut most of the gambling limits and what not out of my play, so it's mostly just 'work'. I'm not looking for the winning excitement when I sit down most days. It sure is fun to win and go on rushes, but really in the end I really just want the dollars with the least stressful route.

A friend messaged me and said I should append to this a little bit about how stressful playing online poker for a living really is. Like playing 3-4 tables of lhe for 4 hours is really really mentally taxing. I'd put it on par with taking a test in college as far as how much it takes out of you. I know a lot of people in other jobs feel the pressure and this isn't to take away from them, it's just that most people don't TRULY understand what it takes to do what we do. It's draining.

A number of us bought tennis rackets a couple of days ago and we've played twice and are playing again tomorrow afternoon. I like it just like raquetball except it's maybe better cause you get to be outside and get some sun also. We picked our wild season ticket seats for next year and they are section 115 like row 20 (map here) which is on the wild shoot twice side so we are ridiculously thrilled at how lucky we got. The next best seats were in the corner 2 rows from the top. We pick our twins tickets tomorrow and there are perhaps 10 seats left of what we want (good seats behind home plate that aren't under the overhang) so it's going to be down to the wire. CMONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN one time.

I'm really looking forward to the camping trip this weekend and had fun stocking up on all the goodies at REI this afternoon. I figured it was time to replace my 20 year old sleeping bag as well as pick up a nice sleeping pad. I'm a little bitch, it's true. :)

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