Wednesday, November 7, 2007

biggest NL pot of life

Dave, Jay, and I went up to a small casino here in san diego to play $10/20 blind no limit. There was a player who as pokerbob would say had a "strong disdain for money" who we had played with for awhile. He had about 7k in front and I covered by like a thousand.

He open limped, which meant that he had 2 cards that were suited or remotely connected, another moron limped, folded to me in the small blind so I made it $220 with TT. The open limper calls and the other limper folds.

The flop comes T64 rainbow, I bet $400, he raises to $1400, I make it $3400, he goes all in for ~$7000 I call. Turn 4 river 7. 14k pot my way. Rigggged!

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