Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Leaving SD

It's been a real nice 11 days...even though it was uncharacteristically cloudy and dreary most of the time but there was enough sun the last few days to make it better.

Having 3 good poker players in 1 house is hard for game selection...and jay often beat me to the limit games so I found myself playing some NL again. Ahhh, what a nice change of pace. It doesn't help that I've been running super hot at it, but it's been fun and there's just something really satisfying to stacking a guy. Just another tool in the toolbox...being able to play more games. They play higher than I do for NL so I didn't have to compete for games. Also, it was great timing cause I could always ask them about the tough hands and discuss other hands as well. It's no surprise they've all been killing it this year.

Dave and I were bored one day so we started playing $.5/1 PLO heads up. I played pickett as well as some random guys on the net and played 2400 hands and lost 12 buyins. I importing the hands into pokerev I found out that I was running 12.5 buyins under expectation in all-in pots. LMAO PLO is such a funny game I guess.

Kels comes tomorrow for some job interview stuff and to see me...which I'm really looking forward to.

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