Thursday, November 22, 2007

an update

I've really been spending quite a bit of time playing no limit these days and I've just been happier as a whole. The limit games were really sick for awhile and I took good advantage of that, but I haven't really seen them lately and NL has been so much more interesting and the money has been good. Also, it seems like everyone I know who plays limit is either currently frustrated by it or has been strongly in the last few months. It's just such a sick game...

I don't know how my earn compairs to limit as my sample size is pretty small (maybe 20k hands this month) but if it's around what I've been making I'll be more than content.

My guess gauging from my NL friends is I'll be quite happy with it...but I have plenty to learn before getting to that stage. I'm a pretty fast learner though and I spent quite a bit of time learning NL at the beginning of the year (perhaps 150k hands) so I'm not a complete n00b.

I've been very dedicated and have been putting in reletively long hours these days and have been splashing in HU PLO and stud 8 or better at low limits just to know more games.

One last bit is I've finally started buying individual stocks in addition to my mutual funds. I've been slowly tryin to better understand investing and going head first into the market has been seeming to assist the learning process. I probably spend a half hour per day reading about different things and soaking it all up. I've probably bought enough stocks (5) for a little bit and if I could get my money off poker sites faster it'd be time again for another good mutual fun investment.

I had nice timing on monday I think it I was talking to schneider at canterbury and we agreed Target might be a decent company to check out for investing so tuesday I started looking at it and it had missed q3 earnings numbers by a hair which sent it down 4.5% to it's 52week low so I snatched it up right away as I think it's a good long term spot. Time will tell.

I'm in Worthington (3.5 hours sw of tc) for a few days seeing my grandparents which I see only once per year. I really wish it was more and perhaps this coming spring or summer I'll come out here again.

I'm dieing to get out skiing and the snow isn't lookin that great so far out west but you never know, it could come quickly. Brad L has a place in vail and if they can pull some snow out of their ass soon I'll probably go out there in a week or 2.

Til then, poker poker poker and crossing my fingers kelsey's interviews keep going well and she gets a couple job offers she really wants.

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