Wednesday, November 28, 2007

november coming to a close

Wow have I played a ton of poker this month - somewhere around 45k hands online. To the 8 or 10 tablers out there that's nothing I know, but when I play limit I play 1-3 tables and when I play no-limit I average around 4 with all the table switching and laptop hours wise it was a sick month and the most time I've spent playing poker in a long time. I probably averaged 35-40 hours online per week.

I finally put up a couple good sessions at Canterbury, too. I'm sure I'm still down there this year.. but I made a dent, that's for sure. My live NL session in Cali definitely helped the bottom line as well.

Because I played so much no limit and almost no $100/200 my swings this month were very low. The end of the month has been kinda slow, but nothing crazy. I did start playing some more limit again though because the good Canterbury session put me in the mood/a better mental place. Limit is just so sick.

3 good months in a row. Wish I could throw one of these in the sick 8 month streak i had last year into the middle of this year. Owell, I made it through it and am definitely more aware/seasoned because of it. I just have to stay sharp and not get complacent or before I know it I could be wondering wtf again.

I finally started buying stocks within the last month. Before I would just buy vanguard funds but I really want to understand the markets and be more involved and the way I learn things is hands on so I talked to a few people, read some stuff on and dove in. I have 5 positions and that should be enough for now. The next money I invest I'll just get another fund, as I don't know enough yet to want to put toooo much into individual stocks but I have enough in there to make me care/pay attention/learn.

I don't want to jinx her, but Kelsey is feeling really good about some job prospects here in the cities. She graduates in 3 weeks and has been really giving the job hunt her all and I think it's really going to pay off.

Thanksgiving was a fun time. We always go down to Worthington, MN (3 hours south west of here) where my dad grew up on a farm. I don't get to see them very often so it was nice. I also got to talk money and all that with my parents on the car ride and I always like soaking up what I can from their experiences.

2.5 more days left in the month...I can win another 5-10k right? Wouldn't that be nice.

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