Friday, March 27, 2009

cider house rules

Michelle and I walked to a coffee house by her house tonight to get a hot cider because it felt winterish and after buying it the woman there said they were on a break from the concert thingy that some lady was putting on and if we wanted to stay we had to pay the 14 dollar cover. Maybe I'm just out of touch, but some rinky dink lady playin guitar at a rinky dink coffee house charging 14 bucks made me kinda chuckle. It must not have seemed overly weird to the 20-25 people who turned out (and maybe I'm the one out of touch, i'm not fully sure) but I thought most of the time coffee house music was like hey I like playing music I'll have my case open and you can put tips/donations in and I'm sellin my cd if you like my(our) music and want to support us.

We went back and played some gin with the basketball games on in the background and she had no trouble beating me pretty handily. I somehow have missouri going to the final 4 so that upset tonight was very awesome tonight, as was nova beating duke. I'm on top of my pool and leading schneider and hopp in our sidebets so I'm feeling good, but there is so much left and so much can happen.

I'm probably just a little whiner here, but I find having to take my car into the dealership to get the standard oil change/tuneup crap tedious and time wasting. It rarely is done as fast as they say and I find my self in major limbo running around trying to find other things to do.

April is going to the month of appointments. I already have a dermatologist apt, I also have to see the dentist, my financial planner, my tax accountant, and find a personal trainer to whip my butt into shape. I thought poker meant I didn't have to have a lot of crap on your schedule, lol. I think Shneider may have found a new PA to help me keep my life in order. I'm really hoping it works out well.

It's also my birthday on the 9th and the end of the wild/postseason as well as twins starting up. I gotta get out swinging the golfclubs, too, and still try to fit one more ski trip in. We're talking tahoe as we've always talked about wanting to go there and apparently it's like the best spring skiing anywhere and our vail pass works at heavenly, too.

And I was supposed to have a big poker goal of playing another 40-50k hands (I'm at about 45k hands with a few days left in march) And I gotta do my taxes, too. Probably about 8 hours worth of work I won't be able to spend playing poker. Looks like in reality I'll get in like 10 hands all month, haha. But I'll be having a great time. I'm ready for spring and summer. Lemme skip the spring allergies though.