Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Since Jay was in town we decided to do a little 'get spiffed up and have a nice dinner and stay downtown' double date with him and Mary. We decided on Murray's steak house and hotel ivy.

Dinner was cruising along smoothly when towards the end of our entre portion the waitress was trying to clean up the table and projectile spilled my entire glass of red wine all over me. I was wearing a blue shirt and black dress pants...luckily I had taken off my coat. The whole table burst out laughing and I'm not a very angry person so I just had to play it down, as the waitress felt worse than I've like ever seen somebody feel. I also didn't want to be a crabaple on a good night, but deep down it was a little frustrating.

They boss gave me 15 cash and a card to call if dry cleaning cant get it out and they'll buy me a new shirt. I highly doubt they'll be able to. We'll see. I'm not to worried it wasn't like one of my favorite shirts or anything.

Hotel Ivy was fine. Given there are plenty of other options I would probably try a few others before/if i went back. I wouldn't say it was bad by any means, we just weren't that pleased. The small ammount of service we got was pretty good though, and I heard it's known for it's spa which we didn't use.

I ventured back to canterbury for the first time since october with all the boys for a nice fun long session on sunday. It definitely brought back some nostalgia and it was also nice to see a number of people I haven't seen in awhile.

Tonight we had a quadruple date where we (me, michelle, jay, mary, pickett, lindsey, dave p, and reily) went to fogodechau. I enjoy that place...and more as an experience than out of this world food. It's good food, for darn sure, and it's nice to get so many different types of meet, but it doesn't quite compare to a top steak house steak. All the girls were in for going to RA after for a little fun game poker but 3 of 4 of them have to get up b4 7 so we decided a little bowling and games across the street at gameworks would be a better idea. It was for sure.

The place was a ghost town and felt like they've kinda given up on trying. I can't really blame them as the block E area just feels really ghetto and I've been a part of some sketchy bullshit as well as heard of plenty so it's not exactly where most people want to go.

Tomorrow should be another sweet day as we're having a little boys night where 8 of us are going to an early dinner and then the wild game. Like pretty much all of the remaining games it's a must win game so there will be some good energy there and it'll be much fun.

I know I missed talking about something I wanted to talk about but the fact I wrote a blog at all given how tired I am after a great longish session is satisfying enough for now. I'm going to bed.

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