Saturday, March 21, 2009

Finally an update...and more to come soon.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Going forward I'm going to try to make a good point to update a lot more often.

The Utah ski trip was probably my favorite ski trip of all time. At least top 2 or 3 for sure. We got tons of snow, got to ski tons of sick runs with tons of snow, and a lot of really awesome guys were there. Most trips have 2-4 people, this one had 7 and enjoying the best skiing with 6 sweet guys is a really fun time. Only thing that coulda really made it better is if bizot and Jay coulda made it, but it wasn't in the cards.

Past that, I've been working a ton and otherwise spending a good amount of time with michelle. So far this year I've averaged 43 hours per week of playing poker. By far the most I've ever played. Since I got myself in that hole in LA, I've just been motivated to grind grind grind...

I'm also looking for a house to buy and have gone to look at like 12 or so and none of them have quite been what I've been looking for. I'm pretty particular so I'm not going to settle cause I just don't think I'll be happy down the road if I do.

For poker I've been playing 10/20 to 50/100 LHE, a mix of 6max and heads up. On feb 19 I decided to give up the high stakes stuff for a bit as it was stressing me out a lot and making me not as fun to be around, at least for me. I didn't like feeling crabby. Since cutting it out, I've been a lot more balanced and have recently added working out back into the routine. It helps that it's been getting nicer out. I've also been destroying the mid-stakes games and that keeps motivation high.

I'm not much of a super hero person, but michelle's friends invited us to go see watchmen at the imax theater, so I'm off to that now. At least the graphical effects could be really cool.

I'm not doing that hot on my bracket so far, but it's still early. I got a little side bet with schneider and maybe hoppman. I forget....whoops. I also have been slacking on work this past week...on at like 24 hours or something. I think I'll put in a couple hours later tonight which will help, but I'm not too worried about it. I've definitely earned the right to enjoy life a little more for a week.

I typed this up quick and have plenty more to talk about but I'll save it for future blogs as we have to run now!

Ta ta!