Monday, March 23, 2009

sunday sunday sunday

The Wild are really under the gun with their season so when edmonton came to town today it was about as close to a must win game as you can get without 100% being so. Finally the crowd seemed to realize and appreciate this as the enviroment finally had a buzzed feel to it. The last bunch of games have felt pretty tame and has been kinda shocking because it was a super cool atmosphere last year downt he stretch.

Schneider and pickett were talking and realized the 4 ticket holders have been to 1 or 2 games together as a complete group. One or more of us has pretty much always been travelling...and lol pickett was gone for 6 weeks...but it's worked out great. One of our cupholders broke on the 2nd or 3rd game of the year and finally 2 games ago we told them about it. It wasn't fixed today. So this is how are seats are...

seat 1 is not a bad seat, it generally has somebody on your left but it's normal spacing. Seat 2 is a middle seat so definitely more desireable but it doesn't have a cup holder so beer drinking/not spilling is always an additional concern. Seat 3 is the best's in the middle and has all of the proper amenities. Seat 4 is by far the worst. While it has a place to put your beer to get warm (cough bizot) the seat is not parallel with the seat to it's right as we are in the corner. It's especially brutal when there is a full size male sitting in the adjacent seat as there is negative leg room.

Speaking of seats, some season ticket holder since 1961 cancelled their twins season tickets in the first row behind the screen behind home plate so the twins decided to offer 8 game packages to the first 10 current season ticket holders to respond and we were able to snag them. I don't know which games we have them for yet, but I'm pumped either way.

Watchmen last night was fine. It was entertaining I guess. I dont really have any strong oppinions about it, except that the imax had the sound a couple notches too high so a few of the scenes bugged me just because it was piercingly loud for no reason.

I was planning on getting in some work after the movie but a game of risk broke out. I used to play it a reasonable amount as a kid, but in the last 15 years I've played it less than 5 times for sure. The last time I played a couple months ago I rolled super bad early and lost real quickly and there was another guy there (dan) who constantly wins so a little pitty for me last time and a couple people spending their time attacking dan allowed me to build up my armies quietly and eventually run the board. It was obviously fun to win, but really now I think it's not a very good social/fun weekend night game. It should be reserved for cabins and stuff like that. Otherwise a good game of taboo or cranium or something is probably more fun for a group.

I was wide awake when the game finished around 1, so I checked out the games and they were ridiculously good so I played until like 5. They were still decent enough then but I didn't want to stay up toooooooooo late so I called it. I started falling asleep at about 545 while watching tv but when I went to turn it off i somehow woke up major. I tossed and turned for a half hour b4 turning the tv back on and finally falling asleep around 730. Doh. I shoulda just worked longer.

I'm suprised I'm not more tired now. I was only able to get 5 hours of sleep cause of the wild and afterwords got in a good 9.5 hour work session that was broken up by going for a run with jon.

I really hope the games don't change too much from what they are right now. Man, if I could put them in a bottle and hold onto them for the rest of my life I sure would. It's not that easy to get great heads up action anymore but being able to find a couple good 15/30-50/100 6max games is almost always easy. Sometimes are obviously better than others, but only a few times in the past few weeks have I decided not to play cause the games weren't good.

Heh, I just was gonna write out a quick one cause I said I'd blog more and it turned into a novel. I cracked a beer at the end of my session and sipping on that and typing this up has been ridiculously relaxing. Probably find something to watch on tv to additionally unwind my brain and get to sleep before it gets too late again.