Monday, August 20, 2007

6 for 6

I'm starting to think the poker gods have something to do with the airline industry. I swear I'm like 6 for 6 on huge winning sessions whenever my plane is delayed.

We stalled most of the afternoon as we had a 545 flight and had done pretty much everything and ended up getting here real early at like 315 or something cause we just didn't have anything better to do - only to find out our plane was delayed til 930. That would bring us in around 230am. At first we were disgruntled but after the grrr phase we relaxed and realized it's not that big of a deal. I ended up played poker for like 3 hours and winning a grip (that's a lot, schneider). We then went to grab food and drinks and played some 2 handed mom cheats I swear...either that or I suck at remembering waht trump is. Lol.

One of the fish railed me for a hand I played.

Full table 30/60
Basically a guy raised and 5 cold callers so we were going to take the flop 6 ways so I called in the bb with 64o

The flop came J32 with 2 clubs and the guy bet and 4 people of course I called.

The turn was a 6 of hearts. The guy bet and 3 people called. I did as well, obviously.

The river was another 6 and the sb bet out, I called, and the pfr over called with his QJ. I hated the spot but obviously I'm never folding in a million years and the better ended up having 75 and the pfr QJ. Nice flop call with the 75 sir. LOL. well played.

The QJ guy went off and I giggled. It may seem fishy but my play is nothing but standard and doing anything else is wrong. :) num num.

50/100 stars. I raised in the co with ak, the bb was the fish who just didn't quite get it called.


Flop QJ9 he check called.

The turn was a 6 and he checked and I bet, knowing somehow that he was going to check-raise. When I say I knew it, I was like 80% sure, which had nothing to do with the flop. I just thought it wouldn't make sense given the flop check-call from him and I was going to call down. It's a pretty ugly spot, but for some reason I was ready to dive right in and get dirty with this guy. So I bet. He check-raised. I called. The river bricked off and I called again and he showed a7 and I took it down. I know that sounds all weird and semi-long winded, but it was just one of those 'spots' where playing tons and tons of hands with goofballs for some reason just lead to the right answers. In a vacuum it looks kinda stupid and sometimes I have these premonitions and they make me look stupid, but I feel that they are good.

Jonny A and I played a hand at canterbury where I called him on the river with queen high after we had put in 3 bets pre, 3 on the flop and 1 on the turn, sure as hell he was bluffing...but it was after too much talk and deliberation to raise...that he actually had K high and took it down. Darnit. I'm terrible.

The minneapolis people just got off the plane so it's time to get on soon byeee.

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Devo said...

OK, I give up. What'd you call the A7 guy down with? 33ish? AK? Only range that really makes sense to this silly Vegas kid given your commentary...