Monday, August 13, 2007

king lazy

I've been super lazy lately as far as updating this goes.

So anyhow, I went up to a buddy's cabin for a few days which was super fun except for blowing my brains in in some amazingly good 100/200 games. I took a few days off after that partially cause of it and partially cause I had lots of other stuff to cousin got married and I was an usher so I had to do stuff with that.

Played a little and won a nice amount the day after and played yesterday and lost like 1k but felt super tilty for some reason so I decided I"m going to learn O8 for a few days. I'm just such an omaha n00b and I don't want that to be the case in case I need to be able to play the game sometime. That said, man are other people horrrrrible at least at the 5/10 level I've been playing. I want to get to the point where I don't even have to 'think' about what the nut low and nut low draw is at any point...which is what I have to do now which seems pathetic to me. I dunno, the cards come fast and change a lot and I still have to try to sorta hand read. I also am probably too loose but I don't really know hand values that great short handed.

The twins are so terrible, ugh.

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Devo said...

I am the second best limit O8 player in the world, esp at the $1500 level. Just pretend that it's LHE and bet until they fold... plan B) make a hand. How hard can it be? You get four cards!