Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I was down a bit in the middle of august. Butttt...the last week or so has been incredible and I've been destroying the bigger games and am very nicely in the green now. :)

I won the right place at the right time lottery by finding a fish who wanted to play $200/400 HU today definitely helped. Then again I've been practicing/playing tons of heads up in the last year or so I feel like that helped a ton vs this guy. Everything just flowed.

I just talked to Jay and he said the 3 of them (jay, dave (nlsoldier) and billy) have been destroying the games as well. Definitely seeing more and more of that (people winning nicely) these days and I'm really pumped up for those guys. Can't wait to visit them in san diego in a week or two.

Last night me, pickett, sam, and baronzues unleashed 10 tables of $.5/1 lhe on absolute trying to hit the outrageously huge 700k bad beat jackpot. The highest it ever got on party over a year was like 450. I think i heard around 250 or 300 it becomes +EV. My guess is it costs about 30 per hour to play because we just limp every bad beat possible hand (like JJ QJ AT 88 AA K9) etc and fold everything else. Also, play passive postflop to not knock anyone out.

BZ had a straight flush on a 88875 board but the guy didn't have the 8. I had one where I had a straight flush where there was two 8's out there but no quads. Rats.

Now it's up to 755k and bizot might come over to unleash on them again tonight as well. One of us better hit it!

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